See the World in a New Light with Lenskart’s Game Changing BLU Screen glasses

New Delhi, 25th June,2024: Lenskart, a premier eyewear retailer in India, introduces its latest innovation Lenskart BLU lenses. These innovative lenses are specifically designed to combat the negative effects of blue light exposure from digital devices.

Lenskart Blu 1

In today’s digital age, the prevalence of blue light exposure has increased exponentially. Adults now dedicate roughly half of their day to digital screens, while a staggering 84% of teenagers indulge in screen binge-watching sessions. Moreover, remote work has further intensified screen time, with 70% of telecommuters reporting endless work hours. This overexposure impacts our sleep cycle and leads to various eye problems such as headaches, dry eyes and blurred vision.

Recognizing these issues, Lenskart has developed BLU Screen Glasses, which block up to 98% of blue light, reduce glare and relieve eye strain with the help of anti glare coating on the lenses. These lenses also offer protection against UV rays and ensure visual clarity by keeping dust and scratches at bay.

They are available for all, from zero power, those who don’t need vision correction to prescription lenses. They are also compatible with a vast selection of stylish frames, so you can protect your eyes without sacrificing your personal style.

With Lenskart BLU Screen Glasses, you can now give your eyes a much-needed break and transform the everyday viewing experience. Whether working long hours or enjoying your favorite TV shows, Lenskart BLU is now the perfect companion for eye protection and comfort.

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