HotSummer@Work 2024 Survey from The Office Pass reveals the impact of heat on the workforce

New Delhi, 19th June, 2024: As the world continues to grapple with rising temperatures, there is a need to implement several cooling measures. And the workforce in the country has been gradually adapting to tackle the summer heat daily. Changing climatic conditions and hot summers seem to affect the behaviour of the workforce, according to the latest survey “Hot Summer@Work 2024 conducted by The Office Pass (TOP). From wearing smart casuals and super casuals to adjusting to seasonal hydrating food to working in a flexible mode, office-goers have indicated a variety of preferences as per the survey. More importantly, the workforce favours coming to the office just 2-3 times during the week, the survey findings added.

TOP is India’s leading provider of flexible coworking spaces designed to meet the needs of modern professionals. With 13 Coworking offices across Delhi NCR, TOP offers a variety of workspaces that cater to different work styles and preferences. survey saw the participation of over 1000 employees., TOP’s latest survey was meant to gauge the changes in behaviour employees adopt to make themselves comfortable during the summer months.

The 2023 report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reveals that rising global temperatures have led to unprecedented climate change across all regions of the world, with consequences ranging from rising sea levels to more frequent and severe weather events, as well as the rapid disappearance of sea ice.

Commenting on the evolving employee preferences and the survey objective, Aditya Verma, Founder & CEO, The Office Pass (TOP) said, “The industry has taken a lead in executing some pioneering work when it comes to climate action involving adaptation and mitigation. Managed offices continue to play a critical role when it comes to designing and implementing ‘Future of workspaces’. The Hot Summer@Work 2024 survey has provided us with valuable insights into how employees cope with the summer heat while at work. The findings are a clear indicator that there is a need to adapt to the changing climatic conditions and also find simple solutions to the day-to-day brewing challenges. It will help us strategize better when it comes to people and space management.”

Key findings of the survey

  • Smart and super casuals are a favourite: According to the survey, 63% of respondents preferred smart casuals followed by another 31% preferred super casuals, reflecting a balance between comfort and professionalism, allowing them to stay cool while maintaining an appropriate appearance for the workplace. Interestingly, white colour has emerged as the most favoured dress colour during summer months. Chosen by 57% of respondents, the colour is a favourite among many due to its ability to reflect sunlight and keep the body cool. Other summer colours such as blue (18%), beige (12%) and grey (6%) were also among the most liked colours after the shades of white.
  • Eating cool food and drinking right: According to the TOP survey, there has been a study on the evolving eating habits of employees. The survey revealed that a significant 79% of participants mentioned that their food preferences alter during the summer season, highlighting the significance of adapting their diets to ensure comfort and well-being. This adjustment often involves a preference for lighter and more hydrating foods. On the other hand, 21% stated that they have experienced no change in their eating habits.

As a result, there is a high preference for seasonal fruits, including mangoes (57%), watermelon (35%) and muskmelon (9%). All these fruits are known for their hydrating qualities. Additionally, freshly cut fruits and salads are a favourite among office-goers against processed food items.

When it comes to preferred drinks at the office café, 65% of respondents preferred freshly made juices, lassi, and lime water. Cold coffee and iced tea were the second choice at 21%, followed by canned juices and cold drinks at 6%, and energy/sports drinks at 6%. Only 2% chose other options.

  • No compromise in exercise: The hot climate has failed to deter fitness enthusiasts from following a fitness regime. A significant 81% of respondents have said that summer is a good time to shed the calories. Regarding workout frequency during the summer, 43% of respondents reported working out 4-5 days a week, while 41% worked out 2-3 days per week. Interestingly, 17% did not work out at all during the summer, citing the already humid conditions as a reason.

When it comes to preferred work locations during peak summer, 35% of respondents preferred to come to the office 2-3 times a week, indicating a desire for a balanced approach between office and home. Working from home more often was preferred by 26%, while 24% chose to operate from a café or coworking space near their home. Only 16% preferred to work from the office exclusively.

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