A 96-year-old woman with old ILD recovers from COVID -19 after 19 days ICU stays in Apex Hospital- Mulund


Mumbai – Globally, the coronavirus is causing such havoc and the situation is not coming under control. India is at number three in the most infected cases in the world, while it is number four in the highest number of deaths. India is the third country greatly affected by a coronavirus and with most active cases of COVID19. The total number of positive coronavirus cases now stands at 3,624,613 but at the same time the recovery rate in India is increasing rapidly. Maharashtra remains the worst-hit state in India but there is good news also coming from different parts of the state where 90 plus-year-old citizens recovered from Coronavirus. A 96 year old woman named Mrs. Malti Durve with old ILD (Interstitial Lung Disease) recovers from Covid-19 after 19 days ICU stays in Apex Hospital, Mulund has successfully fought back with coronavirus from Mulund, Mumbai. Curing the woman who was already suffering from age-related problems and Corona positive condition posed a big challenge for medical professionals in Apex Hospital, Mulund. The woman’s road to recovery was a tough one, recalled one of her family members. Dr. Hardik Thakker Consultant MD Physician, infectious disease and COVID expert from Apex Hospital, Mulund said, “This is an interesting and unique case of a 96-year-old female patient (resident at Gavanpda -Mulund east) with lung damage due to interstitial lung disease, presenting with COVID 19 pneumonia and respiratory failure. She came to us at Apex Hospital, Mulund on 9th august 2020 for cough, breathlessness and low oxygen saturation. She was urgently admitted to ICU and put on BIPAP ventilation. HRCT thorax shows 45% lung damage. Her condition was critical. She was breathless and unconscious. Her family had given up hopes. They did not want advanced treatment for her, no ventilator. Hence they signed the DNR form. Despite all odds, with sheer grit, determination and a precise treatment protocol we were victorious in getting her conscious, off bipap. We transferred her out of ICU after 19 long days. Another 3 days in the general ward and she turned negative for COVID 19. She was then discharged to home with nasal oxygen on the 22nd day.”

Older people are especially more vulnerable to coronavirus due to both physical and social reasons. They usually don’t have a strong immune system as they are likely to have health conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes or kidney disease. This, in turn, weakens their body’s ability to fight infectious diseases such as COVID-19, added Dr. Hardik Thakker from Apex Hospital Mulund.

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