SEHAT distributes “Shastric Unani Medicine – Ayush Joshanda immunity boosting powder” to general public in Chennai


Sehat Skin and Hair Clinic was founded in 1997 in with specific focus to treat Hair, Scalp and Skin problems.

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Its main goal is providing holistic health service by helping people with these problems in a natural way, by utilizing all the ancient herbal remedies along with modern scientific methods of treatment.

Shastric Unani Medicine awareness drive was held at Emsons Medical and Surgical in Chennai and distributed around 3000 cups of immune-boosting powder to the public in Chennai.

The product is licensed from the ministry of health and family welfare, New Delhi and Manufactured by Sehat Pharma, based in Chennai.

On the occasion, Dr.Talat Salim (Trichologist, Cosmetic Physician, Hijama Specialist, BUMS, L.T.T.S (London), PGDCC) said we were very much happy to be present in this awareness campaign. She elaborated on Unani as an alternate medicine that is trustable, Effective and comparatively economical – needless to mention that it is natural and has no synthetic additives.

The Immune boosting power distributed to all the public in Chennai to fight against the pandemic COVID 19. It contains Ginger, Pepper, Cinnamon, and Tulsi as the main ingredients. These Herbs and Spices are loaded with Immunity Boosting properties and protect from viral infections.

SEHAT is a reputed manufacturer of Herbal Unani Medicine in Chennai under licence from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare – AYUSH. SEHAT also manufactures a wide range of products in the Unani Space incl Hair Vitalisers, Single Composition Drugs and many others.

Directions for Use – ½ tsp. (3gm of churanam/safoof) should be dissolved in 150ml of lukewarm water. Filter and drink twice daily.

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