Roshan Goenka won State Ranking Tenpin Bowling Tournament

In a thrilling culmination to the State Ranking Tournament held at Amoeba, Mani Square from November 16 to 19, 2023, Roshan Goenka emerged as the ultimate champion, sponsored by K I C Metaliks Limited.

After a rigorous competition spanning 18 games, the top four contenders—Roshan Goenka, Navneet Lahoti, Aman Murarka, and Abhijit Das made it to the semi-finals, setting the stage for a riveting showdown.

Semi-Final Highlights:

Match 1: Roshan Goenka vs. Abhijit Das

Roshan Goenka showcased exceptional talent, dominating the semi-final clash against Abhijit Das. With a remarkable lead of over 125 pins, Roshan secured his spot in the finals with a final score of 429, while Abhijit Das concluded with 304.

Match 2: Navneet Lahoti vs. Aman Murarka

Aman Murarka displayed a strong start, gaining a 39-pin advantage over Navneet Lahoti in the first game. However, the tables turned in the second game as Navneet Lahoti, drawing on his experience, made a comeback, ultimately securing victory. The final scores were Aman Murarka 309 and Navneet Lahoti 323.

Roshan Goenka

Final Showdown: Roshan Goenka vs. Navneet Lahoti

The much-anticipated final between Roshan Goenka and Navneet Lahoti unfolded in a dramatic manner. Roshan, in complete command, dominated the first game, building a substantial lead of 34 pins over Navneet.

As the second game commenced, Navneet Lahoti rallied, displaying exceptional skill and determination. The match reached a crescendo in the last frame, where victory seemed within Navneet’s grasp. However, Roshan Goenka, with nerves of steel, delivered three consecutive strikes in the final frames, snatching victory from the brink. The final scores were Roshan Goenka 382 and Navneet Lahoti 380.

In a heart-stopping conclusion, Roshan Goenka emerged as the State Ranking Titleholder, showcasing resilience and skill. The tournament, supported by title sponsor K I C Metaliks Limited, proved to be a testament to the competitive spirit and talent in the bowling community. Congratulations to Roshan Goenka for a well-deserved victory!

Special Prizes :

Highest Block of 6 Games: Roshan Goenka
Highest Block of 18 Games: Roshan Goenka
Maximum No. of 200 : Aman Murarka

Scores after 18 Games :

Roshan Goenka :3288 (182.67)
Navneet Lahoti : 3258 (181.00)
Aman Murarka : 3248 (180.44)
Abhijit Das: 3181 (176.72)

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