Power to the Players by Rob Smat, now available from Histria Books

Power to the Players

Histria Books is pleased to announce the release of Power to the Players: The GameStop Phenomenon and Why It’s Only Getting Started by Rob Smat. This inside look at the Game Stop scandal that rocked Wall Street is published by Gaudium Publishing, an imprint of Histria Books dedicated to outstanding works of non-fiction in a variety of fields.

Before, Redditors were only a nuisance to the status quo. Now, they are inevitable. In Power to the Players, witness firsthand the real and utterly ludicrous hive mind that brought Wall Street to its knees in January 2021, and find out why GameStop was only the beginning of an even more unprecedented retail contagion, one which will challenge everything you think you know about our markets (all over again). If the meme mania of 2021 drew blood from Wall Street, what follows is the Shakespearean realization that Reddit’s blade was in fact poisoned.

In a digital world of frequently deleted, revised, and buried information, accurately piecing together events as they occurred is nearly impossible. Other authors and journalists have understandably struggled, but not author Rob Smat, who has been a witness to every part of the GameStop phenomenon, having lived it himself.

Power to the Players is as much an unabridged history of the GameStop “sneeze” as it is a roadmap of how retail traders regrouped in the months and years that followed, when everyone else thought the story had ended in calamity. The truest of diamond hands never sold, and their power has only grown stronger since.

Power to the Players, by Rob Smat, 262 pp., ISBN 978-1-59211-315-6, is available at HistriaBooks.com and from all major book retailers. The book is also available in eBook. Titles published under the various imprints of Histria Books are distributed worldwide by the Independent Publishers Group (IPG).

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