Fortis Hospital, Faridabad extends it services at Mathura, Launches Super Specialty OPD services

Dr Amit Bhargava, Consultant – Medical Oncology Fortis Hospital, Faridabad

Pertaining to the prevailing void of basic super specialty support for cardiac sciences and oncology, Fortis Hospital, Faridabad launched its super specialty OPD services at Amar Healthcare, Mathura, today. Pioneers in catering healthcare services to the patients across Delhi NCR region, this is yet another patient-centric step taken by the leading healthcare provider to deliver quality healthcare through world class services in Mathura.

Starting from today the OPD services will be operational on first and third Friday of every month from 1 PM to 3 PM, allowing the residents of Mathura and neighboring areas to access the leading healthcare experts from Fortis Hospital, Faridabad. The Consultations would include ailments pertaining to Cardiac Sciences and Oncology.

Even though the pandemic is shifting towards its dull phase, the doctors from Fortis Hospital, Faridabad will be present physically and the OPD will function following all the safety norms. The OPD services were inaugurated in the presence of Dr Sanjay Kumar, Director-Cardiology, and Dr Amit Bhargava, Consultant – Medical Oncology Fortis Hospital, Faridabad.

The OPD services will allow residents of the region to save on time and money spent on travel to avail quality healthcare services in their own city. Being the first of its kind services in and around the region, people need not travel far for consultation purposes.

“Through the launch of this OPD service, we hope to raise awareness among the masses on the importance of early detection of heart problems and its treatment outcomes. In the majority of the cases, heart problems are often neglected by the younger population until it causes distress. Cases being on rise, there is a dire need to sensitize the society to take necessary precautions to eliminate heart problems from becoming an epidemic. The main objective of setting up this OPD is to extend the best of services to the people of Mathura in their vicinity.” Said Dr Sanjay Kumar, Director-Cardiology, Fortis Hospital, Faridabad.

Cancer is a disease that not only impacts a person physically, but also has a major impact on their mental and emotional psyche. Since early detection of such cancers can have favourableoutcomes with respect to the advancements made in the field of oncology treatment, it is imperative to state that awareness plays a major role. Fighting against Cancer takes immense strength and determination from one’s end. Therefore, people need to be aware about the symptoms and ensure regular check-ups for early detection. In the majority of cancer cases in the country, delayed diagnosis is the primary cause of mortality. Timely screening, vaccination, early detection plays an integral role in reducing the occurrence of cancer.

“The rising incidence of cancer cases in the country goes to prove the level of unawareness about the disease and early detection coupled with deteriorating lifestyle of people. Through the launch of this OPD service, people from Mathura will not only be able to access the best-in-class services but raised awareness about the disease will also enhance them for a better and healthy lifestyle. Recent data shows that developing countries are facing a sharp increase in cancer incidence. But at the same time, there have been numerous advancements in cancer care. However, the majority of our population is not able to avail the benefits of these developments due to sheer lack of knowledge and myths associated with the subject.” Said Dr Amit Bhargava, Consultant – Medical Oncology Fortis Hospital, Faridabad

While the existing doctors and infrastructure in Mathura do provide quality healthcare, there are some conditions which require tertiary care, which is why such OPD services are beneficial. With recent advancements and improved territorial connectivity, any patient from this region, in case of emergency, can also reach Fortis Hospital Faridabad in a much shorter span of time. This is an added convenience for the patients which not only saves the window period for intervention, but also the availability of world class experts’ opinion and services.

“We wish to provide top class medical support at the doorstep to the people of Mathura. With the launch of this OPD services people need not travel for basic consultations and follow-up/ check-ups, which will be an added benefit. We are committed to providing excellent medical treatment to the people of the city through the use of this advanced technology and expert doctors and happy to launch our OPD facility in Mathura. If people are aware of the symptoms of a disease and realize the importance of early detection, half the battle is won, said by Fortis Hospital, Faridabad representative.

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