New Science for Holistic Health and Sustainable Development Needed – Prof Narendra K Mehra at S-20 Invited Lecture at Amity University Haryana

New Science for Holistic Health and Sustainable Development Needed – Prof Narendra K Mehra at S-20 Invited Lecture at Amity University Haryana

The G20 India Presidency year is a great opportunity to present India’s rich cultural, philosophical, and spiritual heritage to the global community, alongside with highlighting the fast-track development and growth of a new India empowered with world class infrastructure, enabling environment for business at ease and governance driven by trust and transparency with a major thrust on a digitally empowered India. Considering the role of Universities in India in Nation building, scientific advancement and technology innovations, the G20 University Connect Program plays a vital role in connecting the youth to the national missions and global aspirations being served under India Missions like Sustainable and Inclusive Development, Green Energy Transition, Promoting Eco-friendly Lifestyle under the Mission LiFe, funding Green Growth and arresting Climate Change. Above all to sensitize the youth about the role of Science and Technology Innovations in making it happen and that too on fast track, now that we are in an era of pathbreaking science and mind-boggling technologies shaping the emergence of a new world, highlighted Vice Chancellor, Prof PB Sharma while welcoming Prof NK Mehra, Vice President of Indian National Science Academy, INSA at the S20 Invited Lecture under the G20 University Connect Program.

It is pertinent to mention that Amity University Haryana is amongst 75 universities of India that have been selected under G20 University Connect Program. The Amity University Haryana, Centre of Excellence for Innovation in Education, organized today the S20 Invited Lecture on “India’s Science-20 Thrust during the G20 Presidency,” by distinguished medical scientist Prof Narinder K Mehra, Vice President of INSA and former Dean and National Chair AIIMS New Delhi.

Introducing the distinguished speaker, Prof Rajendra Prasad, Dean of Research at AUH expressed his great appreciation for the monumental contributions made by Prof Mehra in the field of Immunology so important for good health and longevity of human beings. Prof Prasad himself a fellow of INSA emphasized on the role of INSA in advocacy for science for national development and wellbeing of mankind.

Prof Narendra K Mehra in his highly inspiring address began by sharing his journey from being a student at AIIMS to being a faculty and bringing innovations to the forefront of research in medical science and healthcare. Himself a core member of S-20 task force for India, Prof Mehra informed the packed audience that Science-20 program started in 2017 at Germany and has resulted in creating a strong network of scientists from G-20 countries focusing on science for development in line with the 17 SDGs. Under S-20 program, each country is required to select a theme for Science and Technology Development. This year India’s S-20 group has chosen the theme of “Disruptive Science for Sustainable Development”. Prof Mehra enlightened the audience about the challenges that the humanity shall face in the next 50 years. These includeClean Energy, Water, Human Health, Environment, and Food&Nutrition Security. India has made commendable progress in the field of renewable energy and also achieved self-sufficiency in food, vegetables, fruits and dairy products apart from Aatma Nirbharta in Strategic Defence, Space Exploration and Nuclear Energy. Prof Mehra, however, emphasized that to achieve the goal of health for all, we need new science and technology innovations for Holistic Health and Sustainable Development. Human health is singularly dependent upon the health of the environment, which includes health of soil, plants, and animals and as such we need to focus on Mission “One Health” for achieving our goal of good health for all. Here also we need to evolve our healthcare to assure physical, psychological and mental health and thus need to generate a deeper understanding of the nexus between our diet and our health, our lifestyle and workplace environment and our health. Prof Mehra discussed about Physical and physiological health and the importance of physical activity which the modern youth are not doing much, due to which cardiovascular dieses are increasing. He said simple exercises like walking 10,000 steps are important to avoid modern lifestyle diseases which are leading to obesity or lifestyle behaviour like looking at mobile phone all the time and thus keeping themselves in ‘Social isolation’, the main cause of stresses and tensions. Prof Mehra also advised the youth to be choosy for the food they eat as junk food and poor diet lowers immunity and increases risk of inviting noncommunicable diseases. He shared a research Paper on ‘Holistic integration of omics tools for precision nutrition’ which was guiding about tailored diet intake for proper nutrition.

Speaking about use of AI, impact of AI in healthcare he appreciated the capacity of data integration and how AI tools can enhance healthcare like detecting life threatening conditions in advance. Prof Mehra also spoke about cancer and integrative approaches needed to understand our immune system.

In the question-answer session, the young, inspired minds enquired about the healthcare innovations to cope-up modern-day stresses and pressures of work and performance. Prof Mehra gave useful tips to manage stresses and mental health.

Dr Sanjana Vij, Program Director, Amity Academic Staff CollegeHead, Centre of Excellence for Innovation in Education, proposed the vote of thanks. The S-20 Invited Lecture by Prof Mehra was highly valuable as the healthy humanity assumes a high significance in our quest to create a blissful world.
The S-20 Invited Lecture was attended by a large number of students, Sr Officers and faculty of AUH includingProf UN Singh, Dean Faculty of Arts and Humanity, Dr Satish Sardana, Dean Pharmacy, Dr Luxita Sharma, HoD Dietetics and Nutrition, Prof HRP Yadav, HoD Civil Eng., Maj Gen GS Dhull, Director AIDT, Dr IS Thakur, Director ASEES, Dr Shalini Bhaskar Bajaj, Director ASET, Rear Admiral KK Pandey Director HR, Dr Seema Pathak, HoD Chemistry and Dr Ambika Devi, HoD Physics.

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