Introducing the Aulerth Loop–A Further Step Towards Mindful Materialism

Aulerth JJ Valaya

Delhi, 26 August 2022: Aulerth—India’s first design house for jewelry that’s couture-inspired and consciously made—has launched a brand-new feature called the ‘Loop’.

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Aulerth’s goal is to significantly reduce the footprint behind jewelry. It currently approaches this with creating jewelry with a zero to minimal mining footprint, and a circular model with an exchange option. The Aulerth Loop is an affirmative step further towards this goal, by prolonging and increasing the jewelry usage lifecycle.

It is a personalized way to curate, cherish and wear jewelry that is intelligently mindful – for you and our planet.If you love Aulerth’s jewelry designs and see yourself wearing them several times over the years, you can purchase them with an open option to exchange designs anytime after 12 months. However, if you love some designs, but don’t think you would wear them beyond a short period, or a specific occasion, then you can ‘Loop’ them for a fee, where you get to own and wear them for three weeks, with the option to extend the time duration, if you like.

The ‘Loop’ also provides the flexibility to switch to purchase, anytime, after wearing and experiencing the quality, precision, and aesthetic of the jewels.

The ‘Loop’ is redefining the way you own jewelry by allowing you to truly immerse in #TheJoyOfAdornment. It enables you to create a tailored wearing plan around classic and latest couture-inspired collections, crafted in partnership with our design partners:

•Tribe Amrapali

•Shivan & Narresh

•JJ Valaya

•Suneet Varma

Sharing his thoughts on this, Mr. Vivek Ramabhadran, Founder & CEO of Aulerth said, “The Aulerth Loop heralds a progressive futuristic model for jewelry that fuses appreciation of fine design with mindful thinking – both for you and the planet. The Aulerth Loop adds a third pillar to Aulerth’s endeavor to significantly reduce the footprint behind jewelry, after the use of mining-free materials, and a circular purchase and exchange model. From the perspective of our clients and Circle members, the Aulerth Loop empowers them with flexibility, and unlocks an unfettered, unbridled joy of adornment, for oneself and for creative expression, which is what jewelry is really all about.”

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