India Accelerator and Lyxel & Flamingo invest in innovative Genomic health & wellness startup Answer Genomics


New Delhi, June 2021: Machine Learning & Genomics startup – Answer Genomics raises an undisclosed amount of funding from India Accelerator – one of the fastest-growing Accelerators in Asia, and Lyxel&Flamingo – one of the largest independent digital media companies in India.

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Incepted in Dec 2018, the startup was a part of IA!s seed-stage accelerator program – the only GAN partnered, a mentorship-driven program in India.

While medical science, diagnostics, wellness, and preventive healthcare industries have evolved significantly – they still don’t have answers to many problems that humankind faces, and the answer probably lies in our genetic make-up. Answer Genomics, combines genomic, physiological, and physical parameters to provide the most comprehensive picture of present and future health. Answer Genomics predicts the occurrence, spread, and treatment of lifestyle and clinical disorders by assaying genetic makers using their proprietary genomic and machine-learning systems.

Commenting on the development, Anjan Bose- Lead Mentor, Health-Tech vertical at IA said, “Genomics Research is crucial in providing a precise and personalized form of treatment for chronic lifestyle condition. We believe that our decision to mentor Answer Genomics has the potential to offer a revolutionary product to the market. The immense potential of such a startup to leverage new cutting-edge technologies should result in more accurate prediction of outcomes from health interventions to further ensure better treatment.”

Answer Genomics conducts several genomic studies at scale while building on a larger base of pre-existing Genomic Research and provides a revolutionary product to disrupt the $23 Billion Industry, growing at 12% CAGR in India.

“It is well understood that our lifestyle choices make a huge difference to our health and are responsible for most of our ailments. But, there’s one other very vital aspect of this narrative that’s still not very well understood – Genetic Makeup. While the world has started making steady progress in unraveling the genetic code, it is still not at a stage where individuals would know & understand their genetic makeup to the degree that enables them to make informed choices about their eating and living habits. We believe Answer Genomics is a promising start-up that hopes to bring the science of genomics for retail consumption so that every Indian can get to know more about their body’s natural predispositions and accordingly make the right choices vis-à-vis their diet and lifestyle. We found Rahul, Bala & team extremely passionate & committed to chasing a vision that blends the decoding of genetic data with machine learning to deliver customized diet and lifestyle advice to everyone who seeks to attain their true potential”, said Dev Batra, Founder, Lyxel & Flamingo.

The startup will be operational in four different phases to realize the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The startup is already through phase 1 and recently launched its

first product #NGH-768’ under the brand name “NuGenomics” ( ). It presents its patented Nutrition Recommendation System on a Machine Learning platform to make nutrition recommendations tailored to an individual!s DNA to help alleviate several lifestyle disorders. The company is currently tying up with organizations to offer its services to employees as well as to individuals who can register on the platform and get personalized nutrition and superfoods recommendations after detailed genetic diagnostics.

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