FAAD Network launches Kolkata office, hosts 1st Investor’s Meet-up

Angel Network wants to encourage and facilitate early-stage investing in Kolkata which is among the top 10 startup hubs in India

LtoR- Mr. Dr. Dinesh Singh, Rishi Nad, Bikram Saraf, Karan Verma
LtoR- Mr. Dr. Dinesh Singh, Rishi Nad, Bikram Saraf, Karan Verma

Kolkata, March 2023: India’s most prominent early-stage angel networks FAAD announces the launch of its regional office in Kolkata. The network, comprising 1600+ investors, recently hosted its 1st Investor Meet in Kolkata. Over 50 handpicked and serious investors attended the event held at The Saturday Club.

Three new-age businesses including co-working aggregator Stylework, HRtech We360.ai, and consumer brand Auntie Fung’s – presented their business pitch to the curated audience.

The Meetup held at the FAAD’s regional office in Kolkata, was led by Bikram Saraf and Rishi Nad. Both of them are startup enthusiasts and angel investors across various successful startups.

Kolkata is among the top ten startup hubs in India. With myriad investment opportunities, the city is rapidly growing as one of the leading startup investing ecosystems in India.

FAAD launched the Kolkata office to bridge the gap between the investment community and fledgling startups in the region. By helping early-stage investors find investible startups and entrepreneurs receive capital and network support, the network aims to foster growth and collaboration across the ecosystem.

FAAD Co-founder and Director Dr. Dinesh Singh, “FAAD is one of the finest go-to investor networks for pre-series A and Series A startups to build and grow their business ideas. With the launch of our Kolkata office the network wants to create value for both investors and startups in the eastern region by hosting networking tools and sessions for professionals to interact and gain insight into the startup ecosystem. These events are a great platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to grow their business ideas and receive the mentorship and financial assistance required for their success.”

FAAD Regional Partner, Mr. Bikram Saraf, said, “We are delighted to expand our presence in Kolkata with the launch of our regional office. The city has immense potential for entrepreneurship and innovation, and we are excited to support and invest in promising startups in the region. The successful turnout at our recent Investor Meet is a testament to the growing interest and enthusiasm among investors in Kolkata. With our network of over 1600 investors, we are committed to fostering a thriving startup ecosystem in the region and beyond.”

Attendees had the chance to network with other investors, entrepreneurs, and financial experts to explore the potential of the startup sector in Kolkata. The meeting was highly successful and provided a boost to the startup culture in the city. With the launch of the Kolkata office, FAAD will be looking at hosting local investor meetups regularly to embrace serious investors in its ecosystem.

Recently FAAD has received approval of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for a category 1 INR 300 crore Alternative Investment Fund (AIF).

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