Business Bazaar changing the face of the Franchise Industry

Covid-19 was crucial in highlighting the value of franchisees in the commercial sector. The franchise industry is regaining momentum while the global business sector is still finding its feet.

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Significant changes will be made to how people, organisations, and economies operate in India as a result of the pandemic. An emergency like this has never occurred in India’s franchising industry. Due to the closure of the salon, kindergarten through grade 12 schools, eating establishments, retail stores, and others, the immediate effects are evident.

However, as a result of the economic downturn, new businesses and possibilities have emerged, raising hopes for a rebound. Businesses that provide door-to-door banking, telemedicine, online expert consultation, online retail, online training, and other services have largely noticed a beneficial impact.

Indore-based Business Bazaar is one of India’s top providers of franchise solutions. Founded in 2021, this franchising firm is extending its digital frontiers. It has successfully introduced 16 outlets in different cities to back this statement. Business Bazaar opened doors to one Waffle hut (Café Concept) outlet in Gwalior and two in Bhopal. Jalandhar, Indore-Ujjain Highway, and Rau Road each have one outlet of Adams Ale (Dine-in /Bar Concept). For Nawab–e–Paan (Paan Concept), Business Bazaar focused on opening one outlet in Lajpat Nagar, South Delhi. They have also opened one Mast Banarsi Pan (Paan Concept) outlet in Gurugram, and Chawla’s (Fine-Dine Restaurant concept) has been launched in Arunachal Pradesh. Urban Singh (Dine -In) outlet is now opening in Patna.

“There is no right time to venture into the franchise business. We have clients who can grow further, and that is how we planned this expansion for them. All of them had their base set in some cities, but with the proper research, we knew where to extend their footprints,” Mr Pankaj Solanki, Founder, Business Bazaar.

Since its inception, the franchise consultancy firm has been working day and night to offer the best services to its clients. In the short span of two months, Business Bazaar onboarded 31 different businesses from 15 cities across the country. Some of their existing clients include Waffle hut, Belgian Waffle, House of Momo’s, The Momo Factory, The Chai Thekha, Baithack, Auli Chai, Beeda Paan, Nawab-e-Paan, Mast Banarsi Paan, Table world, Shanghai etc. Some brands with a refreshing concept in the Indian market include Countryside Meadows, Adam’s Ale, Beer café, Foresto, and Peggy Ice-cream.

The idea of Business Bazaar is to offer impactful solutions to clients, as the organization stands for end-to-end franchising solutions. As a result, they believe in delivering outstanding service to boost their business. One of the company’s key aims is to provide solutions that allow their clients to expand their business even more.

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