Huawei Cloud Engine Data Center Switches Named a Leader by Independent Research Firm

Huawei Announces New Inventions That Will Revolutionize AI, 5G, and User Experience

[Shenzhen, China, September 4, 2020] Huawei announced today that, in The Forrester
WaveTM: Open, Programmable Switches For A Businesswide SDN, Q3 2020 report, their
CloudEngine data centre switches were recognized as a leader by Forrester. These switches
achieved the highest score in current offering as well as full marks in all of the following seven
criteria — hardware support, switch hardware and OS strategy, automation and
programmability strategy, evolution training, open networking, engineers, and partners.
Huawei believes this fully reflects the leading position of its products and services.

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“Firms need the flexibility to distribute applications and data across private cloud, public cloud,
and edge compute areas….A single, businesswide switching fabric will become the de facto
architecture.” These are future trends recognized in the Forrester WaveTM report. This also means that there is still a large gap between many enterprises as they are still using networks that lack flexibility and agility.

According to the report, “With a large number of engineers and support staff, [Huawei] has been working on new ASICs and advanced monitoring solutions to develop an autonomous driving network, in conjunction with ensuring that the switching platform and operating system support a wide range of tools, hypervisors, and cloud platforms. Reference customers told
Forrester that Huawei provides a lot of support deployment and guidance on what the organization should be doing. Firms looking for a vendor with wide global reach and leaning
on a deep product portfolio rather than developing their configuration tools should put Huawei
on their shortlists.”

Forrester report also fully affirmed that “Huawei has one of the largest data networking
portfolios across enterprise networking vendors and retains the largest networking market
share in China, with a strong presence in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.”

“We are honoured that Forrester named Huawei’s data centre CloudEngine switches a leader,”
said Leon Wang, President of Huawei Data Center Network Domain. “Huawei believes that leading switching performance, openness, and flexibility are very important. The CloudEngine switches perform well in these aspects and win industry recognition. We will also focus on
400GE super capacity, zero-packet-loss intelligent experience, and autonomous driving network to provide the optimal solution, building data centre networks in the intelligence era
and helping customers achieve business success.”

Since the series’ launch in 2012, Huawei CloudEngine switches have maintained robust market
growth due to their leading product capabilities and have been serving more than 9200
enterprises in over 140 countries, especially in the finance, Internet, cloud service, and telecom
industries, accelerating the digital transformation of thousands of industries.

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