DigitSecure SoftPoS payments platform ready for international markets

National: With the demand for touchless payments growing globally in wake of the pandemic, DigitSecure aims to expand its operations across APAC and CEMEA. Financial institutions are interested in solutions that are simple and affordable for small merchants who continue to transact in cash. DigitSecure’s app-first and mobile-friendly solution takes the complexity out of accepting digital payments safely and securely on their own personal devices.

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By displacing the PoS hardware terminals with PCI certified app, DigitSecure’s solution greatly enhances merchant experience and eliminates the hardware cost traditionally required for card acceptance. Over 95% percent of 300 million SMEs in APAC and CEMEA are at risk of losing business to competition by not offering the choice of digital payments to their customers. A solution like DigitSecure’s will help SMEs attract higher spending customers and grow business.

DigitSecure offers customers the choice of white-labeling the app or integrating into their own app for a seamless experience to merchants. Large enterprise merchants with their own apps can also avail this feature to accept payments at customers’ doorstep. After early success in India, DigitSecure solution has seen increasing demand from financial institutions in other markets.

Jay Krishna, Founder, DigitSecure, said, “Our solution is designed to lower the cost of acceptance for SMEs and to help financial institutions acquirer SMEs profitably. With DigitSecure’s SoftPoS acceptance platform, banks and enterprise merchants across the globe can go to market with a small fraction of investment in time, money, and resources.  It empowers price-sensitive SMEs to operate at a lower cost and grow business by attracting new customers inclined to making digital payments. SMEs also prefer our solution because it does not require dedicated hardware for card acceptance, allowing them to use their mobile device for the purpose.”

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