5 Products Helping Companies to Avoid Data Security Threats

Rivial Data Security Releases New Cybersecurity Platform

The rapidly evolving technology has been one of the major factors leading to digital transformation worldwide. However, it is also not surprising to know that it has also proportionally raised serious concerns around data security, especially with increasing malicious activities including data breaches and leaks.

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At present, several companies are consistently using connected networks to work remotely. Also, we are now working from home and often share our laptop or computer screen during meetings. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative to ensure that sensitive information is protected before an individual allows remote access to his/her PC or laptop.

We know data theft can result in a huge loss to an organization along with customer dissatisfaction. In this regard, let’s look at 5 products/services helping companies to avoid data security threats.

Instasafe Technologies

During the pandemic, the internet instantly became the channel for effective human interaction and the primary way we work, contact, and support one another. Corporates and businesses adopted multi-cloud models for application access. Thus, adopting apt cybersecurity measures, and investing in solutions became the top priority of every business.

IAN backed InstaSafe Technologies is a leading cloud-based Security-as-a-Service solution provider delivering comprehensive protection to mobile and remote workers enabling them to safely and securely access enterprise apps, email, and web from anywhere on any network. It’s Zero Trust security model became the preferred choice for organizations that have a diverse workforce when they moved to “Work from Home” or “Remote Working” since the pandemic outbreak.


The potential threat to business from cybercrime has increased in the past months. Therefore, organizations turned to SafeHats’ bug bounty program that helps in the continuous testing process of applications to know if they have been exposed to vulnerabilities. Also, the number of email scams and phishing attacks saw an exponential rise since the pandemic outbreak. Considering this, SafeHats, under its community yellow page initiative, launched a program “SPOOF- Spot the Fake” for reporting spoof mail ids and domains.


IIT Bombay-incubated and California-headquartered startup, Lucideus came up with SAFE Me, a mobile application that provides every user with a cyber risk score on a scale of zero to five. Using SAFE Me, companies can now conduct real-time cybersecurity assessments. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the app is available in three versions and has been helping a diverse range of consumer and business-level cybersecurity needs during this time of crisis.


In no time, most of the business operations had to move from physical to digital. Jaipur-based cybersecurity startup is working towards developing a unified network security gateway for companies. It helps enterprises to do away with multiple products like routers, load balancer, VPN servers, firewalls, guest management solutions, and proxy servers, among others. Some of its clients include government departments and private firms across hospitality, healthcare, education, financial services, retail, defence, and transportation.


Cybersecurity breaching is costly and damaging to any organization. Threatsys, one of the leading cybersecurity companies, has been playing a crucial role in the current situation. The company has been working on its Cyber Security Framework with a focus on four important aspects: protect, control, detect, and respond to mitigate any kind of security breaches and protect organizations from being the next victim.
We know cyber attacks are emerging rapidly. However, in addition to the above-mentioned solutions, it is equally important to educate employees of several organizations and train them around security awareness.

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