Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Bhubaneswar Receives Four Star Category Certificates by Eight Right Campus (FSSI)

Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Bhubaneswar

The Surendra Sai Nagar-based Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), under the Government of India and established by the Ministry of Tourism, is the first educational institution in the state to receive a fourth-class classification by the Bhubaneswar eat Right Campus (FSSI). It has made a name for itself in the state and the country as a campus.

The Eight Right Campus is a food safety and nutrition standard that defines the quality of food delivery in educational institutions, hospitals, and other categories. The function was attended by Mrs. Yamini Sdhangi (IAS) Food Safety Commissioner, Dr. PK Mahapatra (Director, Food Safety), Satyajit Patel (Municipal Corporation Food Safety Officer) and Pratiksha Das Mahapatra as guests. At the end of the program, Mrs. Yamini Sarangi, Food Safety Commissioner of the Commission, presented a certificate of honor to Institute which recived by Mrs. Sharda Ghosh, Principal of IHM. On this occasion. Principal IHM delivered the welcome address and success stories of IHM Bhubaneswar as a Model Hospitality education institute since 1973. Chef B.P Bhatt, Chef. Sambit Suman, Mr. Pramatha Deep Kar, Librarian of the Institute Mr. Abinash Dash, presided over the meeting.

It is to be noted that in addition to the various sponsored programs of the Ministry of Tourism, more than eight thousand students from different parts of India, including Odisha, take part in the institute on a regular basis every year in various courses, nationally and internationally, hotel industry management, tourism, aviation etc. Working in the field. Many have established themselves as a star in the hotel industry and hospitality services. The Government of India for “Excellence” for its achievements in 2011-12. Institution “has already received the award.

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