Woods International MasterclassMarathon – A Tapestry of Diverse Industry Voices

Mumbai, April 2024: The highly anticipated 5th Edition of MasterclassMarathon hosted by Whistling Woods International’s (WWI) School of Media & Communication (SMC) concluded on a high note. Spanning over four days, and featuring distinguished media experts, each day’s session was an epitome of knowledge, offering valuable insights into various areas of the media & entertainment (M&E) industry including branding, radio, sports journalism, and much more. These sessions proved to be the perfect platform for the students to learn first-hand from industry experts.

The Media & Communication MasterclassMarathon kickstarted with an engaging session on the transformative power of branding by Creative Brand Consultant, Tista Sen. She highlighted the scope of branding to create social impact while evolving with time. “In advertising, ideators need to crack the communication that will convince consumers to buy the product,” shared Tista Sen, while emphasizing the need for rationality in pitching concepts and for customer-focused marketing.

The second day’s session of the SMCMasterclass Marathon featured Preeti Nihalani, COO, of Mirchi, Entertainment Network (India) Limited, who shed light on the dynamic realm of radio and its continuous evolution in the media landscape. While stressing adopting newer technologies, nurturing creativity, and the availability of great opportunities for aspiring media enthusiasts in the field of radio and digital audio streaming, Preeti Nihalani stated, “We like to hire young people because they are quick and have new ideas. The only requisite is that you be passionate and professional.”

Day 3 witnessed a captivating session exploring the world of sports journalism by renowned Sportswriter and Journalist, Ayaz Memon. Drawing from his extensive experience of covering some of the biggest sporting events, he shared insights on various topics ranging from the changing Indian sports scene to the special relationship between journalists and athletes. Imparting valuable lessons to the students on the pivotal role integrity, passion, and sportsmanship play in one’s life, Ayaz Memon said, “Winning is important, but how you play the game is more crucial. Fair play goes a long way.”

On the final day of the SMC MasterclassMarathon, Namrata Parekh, Co-founder, of Meraki Sport & Entertainment & CEO, of Emami East Bengal Football Club shared a detailed look into the sports business in India, focusing on the connection between advertising and sports as well as the growing possibilities in women’s sports. Encouraging the students, Namrata Parekh said, “Engage in early-stage networking with various communities, recognizing its invaluable role in fostering professional connections.” The session further highlighted the prevailing perceptions regarding the glass ceiling in women’s sports, encouraging a shift towards a more inclusive and progressive mindset.

Speaking about the importance of such an event, Rahul Puri, Director, Academics, WWI said, “SMC Masterclass Marathon serves as a beacon of inspiration, fostering a culture of innovation, creativity, and inclusivity within the next generation of media professionals.”

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