Set Sail for Self-Care: Essentials for a Monsoon Makeover

The monsoon season brings a welcome change, but the downpours can also disrupt our usual routines. Don’t let the gloomy weather get you down! This season is the perfect time to prioritise self-care and focus on feeling your best. Here’s how three fantastic brands can help you navigate the monsoons and emerge healthy and glowing:

Time Travel Meditation_Inha Wellness_01

In:ha Wellness: Ditch the monsoon blues and dive into self-discovery with In:ha Wellness’s Monsoon Mindful Meditations! This program is like a spa for your mind, body, and soul, combining neuroscience with energy work to create a personalised experience just for you. Feeling lost? Inner Child Healing can help you find your purpose. Want to unleash your inner guru? The Sixth Sense Workshop strengthens your mind-body connection. And if manifesting your dreams is your thing, Time Travel Meditation uses breathwork and meditation to make it happen. These experiences provide relief from sinus and migraine headaches, aches and pains, vertigo, depression, and anxiety. Open doors to new opportunities, find purpose and bring closure to your past.

Skuccii Supercliniq: The monsoon’s humidity can wreak havoc on your skin. Skuccii Supercliniq, India’s first of a new generation of luxury skin, hair, body, rejuvenation and aesthetic gynaecology supercliniq, comes to the rescue with targeted treatments designed to combat common monsoon woes. Their Hydrafacial treatment is a perfect way to combat clogged pores and dullness, revealing brighter, healthier skin. For those struggling with dandruff or an oily scalp, their Hydra-Facial Keravive treatment can help restore balance and keep your hair healthy throughout the season.

Beauty by BiE: Don’t let the monsoon rain dampen your glow! Beauty by BiE offers a complete skincare arsenal to combat the challenges of the season. Their Double Cleanse, featuring the Fresh Forward Deep hydrating Cleanser, effectively removes excess moisture and impurities, leaving your skin refreshed. For those battling breakouts, their Calm Your Zits Anti-Acne Gel is a powerful ally, packed with antioxidants and prebiotics to fight blemishes and promote clear skin. The Vin Rouge range, infused with the goodness of red wine and resveratrol, offers a multi-pronged approach. Their renewing face wash helps heal and soothe the skin, while the resurfacing mask balances oil and prevents breakouts. Finally, lock in moisture and achieve a radiant complexion with their Plumped! Plumping Serum. And don’t forget to shield your skin from the sun’s rays with their innovative SunDaze – Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 35 PA+++ – India’s first natural-base formula that protects without leaving a white cast! With Beauty by BiE, you can embrace the monsoon season with confidence and glowing skin.

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