WorkIndia reveals Key Insights into Job Mismatches in the Travel Industry

National, 19th June 2024: — A recent data report released by WorkIndia has underscored a notable gap between job demand and the number of candidates applying for positions within the travel sector. This discrepancy highlights an urgent need to better align job opportunities with potential candidates in the industry.

The study examined job demand across various tiers, contrasting it with applicant numbers. In Tier 1 cities, job demand stands at 39.85%, whereas candidate applications reach 67.64%, indicating an oversupply situation. Conversely, Tier 3 cities show a demand of 26.87%, with only 8.15% of candidates applying, revealing a geographical imbalance.

Furthermore, the report delved into demographic trends among travel sector users. The age group 18-29 emerges prominently, constituting 66% of the user base, reflecting significant engagement among younger individuals in online travel activities. The 30-39 age group follows with 19%, showing sustained interest among young adults. Participation decreases with age, with the 40-49 and 50+ age groups representing smaller shares of 4.11% and 3.31%, respectively, underscoring a preference for travel among younger demographics.

Commenting on the same, Mr.Nilesh Dungarwal, CEO of WorkIndia said, “These disparities highlight the critical need for targeted interventions to bridge the gap between job demand and candidate supply in the travel sector. Improving geographical mobility and enhancing training programs can better align candidate skills with market needs. Addressing these discrepancies is vital for the continued growth and efficiency of the travel industry.”

Additionally, the study uncovered specific sectoral disparities. For instance, while demand for receptionist roles stands at 20.34%, candidate supply exceeds at 27.64%, resulting in an oversupply. Conversely, driver roles, with a demand of 20.63%, face a shortage with only 16.83% of candidates available.

These insights into the evolving dynamics of the travel sector offer valuable guidance for businesses and stakeholders, informing strategic decisions and fostering sustainable growth in this dynamic industry.

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