International Yoga Day, 2024 & DocTube’s Endeavor To Raise Yoga Awareness

New Delhi, 21 June 2024: India’s leading video-based health platform DocTube has launched an impactful campaign in celebration of International Yoga Day 2024. This initiative aims to emphasize the significance of yoga for all age groups and encourage its integration into daily routines. The campaign will run from June 21 to June 27.

In the context of today’s high-stress lifestyles, many individuals are increasingly susceptible to various health issues. Yoga offers a simple yet profound solution to combat these problems, promoting a stress-free life. As a spiritual practice, yoga aids in harmonizing the body, mind and emotions. Recognizing its benefits, DocTube is spearheading a special campaign to raise awareness about the importance of yoga. This initiative aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to incorporate yoga into their daily lives for improved health and disease prevention.

The campaign features over 35 renowned doctors, yoga trainers and dieticians. Esteemed medical professionals like Dr. Neelabh Verma, Dr. Abhishek Saxena, Dr. Mohit Sharma, and others will illuminate the scientific benefits of yoga in preventing various health concerns. Complementing this focus, renowned yoga instructors like Mahua Dutta, Tanya Chatnani, Ms. Shonali Ghosh, Mr. Sebananda Ghosh, Ms. Devleena Dey, and others will guide participants on the proper technique and advantages of different yoga poses (asanas).

In this campaign, about 200 videos related to yoga are being released in 5 languages. These videos offer expert advice on how yoga can strengthen bones and muscles, prevent various diseases, reduce stress and promote overall health.

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