Leicester’s Win as ‘England Curry Capital’ 2024 Celebrates Indian Cuisine’s Global Influence

New Delhi, June 21, 2024:In a triumph for Indian cuisine’s global appeal and influence, the city of Leicester, home to a thriving Indian diaspora population, has been crowned the ‘England Curry Capital’ for 2024. This prestigious recognition not only honors Leicester’s exceptional South Asian culinary offerings but also underscores the pivotal role the Indian diaspora plays in promoting and preserving the country’s rich culinary heritage on the international stage.

Leicester Crowned ‘England Curry Capital’ 2024, Cementing UK City’s Reign as Curry Powerhouse

In a resounding celebration of its rich culinary heritage and diverse curry offerings, the city of Leicester has been officially crowned as the ‘England Curry Capital’ for 2024. This prestigious title, awarded after a nationwide public voting campaign, solidifies Leicester’s position as a true mecca for curry lovers and a hub of South Asian cuisine in the United Kingdom. (43% of Leicester’s population is Asian, of whom the majority are of Indian heritage)

The revelation was made on Tuesday, June 18th, at the historic King Richard III Visitor Centre in Leicester, where local restaurateurs and dignitaries gathered to commemorate this momentous achievement. The event was officially opened by Mike Kapur, His Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire, and attended by esteemed guests, including the Lord Mayor of Leicester, representatives from the Royal Air Force, and the Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police.

Leicester’s triumph in the Curry Capital competition was resounding, with the city garnering an impressive 89% of the public votes cast online and through social media channels, surpassing other contenders across England.

“When it comes to curry, in Leicester we are world-class,” said Leicester’s Lord Mayor Cllr Bhupen Dave, celebrating the city’s diverse culinary landscape. “We are the curry capital, and winning this award is good for the city and the people living here – we all benefit from good food.”

Leicester’s passion for curry is deeply rooted in its multicultural fabric, boasting the highest number of Indian restaurants per capita in the UK, with an average of 47 restaurants per 100,000 people. The city specializes in a wide range of South Asian dishes, encompassing flavors from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, each country contributing its unique culinary traditions and cooking techniques.

Renowned restaurateurs from Leicester’s thriving curry scene, including Chutney Ivy, Spice of India, Royal Leicester pub restaurant, and the Owl and Pussycat, have enthusiastically backed the city’s campaign, expressing their pride in this well-deserved recognition.

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and Leicester has always been in my heart – I always thought Leicester was the curry capital of the country, so for it to be official is great, and for us to receive this award,” said Shaf Islam, owner of Leicester’s Chutney Ivy. “We are the poster city of multiculturalism in the world, and this will be a great lift. It’s thoroughly deserved.”

The judging panel, comprising industry experts and food enthusiasts, meticulously evaluated the city’s culinary offerings, ultimately recognizing Leicester’s unparalleled passion for curry and its commitment to preserving and celebrating South Asian culinary traditions.

Leicester will proudly hold the ‘England Curry Capital‘ title for two years until 2026, when other cities will have the opportunity to vie for this coveted recognition in the next public voting campaign.

This accolade not only pays tribute to Leicester’s rich culinary heritage but also serves as a testament to the city’s vibrant multiculturalism and its ability to embrace and celebrate diverse cultures through the universal language of food.

Romail Gulzar, founder of Pukaar Group and Curry Capital judge said: “It is great for Leicester to be named England’s Curry Capital! This award has been a long time coming and hopefully it will encourage people to come to Leicester and try some of the many outstanding restaurants we have here in the city. “

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