Interview with Amrita Sharma, co-founder and Director at Mixed Route Juice

Amrita Sharma, Co founder & Director, Mixed Route JuiceMs.Amrita Sharma, co-founder, and Director at Mixed Route Juice (MRJ)shared her views on so far journey and achievements of MRJ. She is one of the most successful women entrepreneurs. We thank Ms.Amrita for this interview.

How do social media marketing and content make a difference to businesses?

A product or service pulls a consumer. Advertising is what builds a connect between the consumer and offering and Social Media has now become a crucial part of overall advertising. It gives the brand story piece by piece that lets the consumers also enjoy it with ease.

What are the core strengths of Mixed Route Juice that differentiate it from other similar firms?

We’re a strategy focussed 360 agency. Our biggest strength has been storytelling across mediums. Most agencies of our size and scale succumbed to pressure during the pandemic. But our consistency is what has made the pandemic our biggest growth period.

Tell us about your journey of getting into social content marketing.

We started as a social first agency and it gave us the initial thrust to offer a platter of services. It was a quick inroad that then moved towards establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients and gradually acquiring their bigger advertising mandates. Social for us still continues to be quick on the road.

What attracted you into the world of entrepreneurship?

Making my own decisions and owning up to success or failure is what drew me to the concept of entrepreneurship.

What should companies do to attract and retain talent?

Create a conducive system for everyone to grow.

You and your husband run your company together. What is it like being partners at home and in the workplace?

We have our territories marked at work and at home. 🙂 He respects mine and I respect his. The second thing that works very well is Trust. When either of us tells the other that ‘we’re on it’, we mean it.

What would be three magic mantras for success that any youngster can follow in the social media business?

Be adaptive. The market changes in a blink. Always be ready for it.

Work with heart. It gives you a push far greater than any other thing can.

The process makes everything better. What you do today, will get better tomorrow.

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