Exclusive Interview with Mr. Subroto Sen, CEO, GenY Medium

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We at Shreyas Webmedia Solutions (SWS) thank Mr. Subroto Sen, CEO, GenY Medium, for this exclusive interview opportunity. Mr. Subroto Sen discussed various aspects such as the future of digital marketing and consumer engagement space, Strategic plans and offerings of the company, challenges in the industry, and many more.

SWS: Mention how the strategic plans and offerings of GenY medium cater to the evolving market scenarios and economic dynamics.

Mr. Subroto Sen: Strategically, we are focusing on industries (Real Estate, Education, Healthcare & E-Commerce) that are seeing a positive tailwind due to buyer behavior change and current economic conditions. With a large number of companies now accelerating their digital transformation journey, there is a major opportunity for companies offering digital marketing services – in the form of an important mix of  Advisory/Consulting + Execution services. The market, specifically for the brand side, has now slowly started producing the talent critical to deliver the execution side of digital marketing. However, there is a dearth of talent in digital strategy & adoption. This is a critical need and therefore a great opportunity for agencies focusing on strategy + execution. The gap which consulting frameworks cant fill with end to end integration

SWS: What are the new wins and scale of growth for GenY medium?

Mr. Subroto Sen: We have built an impressive track record and capability in the Real Estate, Education, Healthcare and consumer internet (e-commerce) industries where we have been able to make a difference to the growth trajectories of market leader brands.

Over the next couple of quarters, we are doubling down on the above mentioned focus markets to build deeper and more complex solutions for our clients to help them achieve new heights.

Our latest addition to portfolio:

Education: Euro Kids, Indigo Learn

Real Estate: Ramky Constructions, Om Sree Builders, Vasavi Group

 SWS: How do the services and solutions offered by GenY medium help the clients to scale their business?

Mr. Subroto Sen: We offer digital focused brand building, revenue generation and marketing ops solutions to clients across all industries.

This encompasses the complete range of digital marketing solutions and services. On the services front, we work on Paid media (performance and media buying), Marketing Automation, Marketing Technology implementation, Creative & Branding, SEO and other organic growth prospects.

Due to the dynamic nature of the digital marketing landscape, it is critical to have a deep understanding of all the possible online marketing avenues. This makes it very difficult for most companies to handle this function in-house. This is where our teams are deeply integrated with the clients’ marketing teams to deliver results on the digital ground. Our team’s experience helps the clients navigate the strategic challenges related to communication planning, channel selection, audience strategy, media optimization, new customer acquisition and insight building, in turn giving them the insights and actionables, critical to scale their revenues. In short we do full funnel marketing !

 SWS: What is the future of digital marketing and consumer engagement space?

Mr. Subroto Sen: Today, most purchases have at least 1 digital touch point or influence point. Digital has not only become a medium of discovery but also a medium of decision influence. With social listening and customer lifecycle management (CLM) tools becoming an important part of any brand’s MarTech portfolio, online consumer engagement and retention is seeing an evolution like never before. Most online customers are classified into behavioral buckets. Based on these, brands are orchestrating personalized buying experiences & offers. Future of consumer engagement is digital lifecycle experience building.journey mapping and cracking the customer need

SWS: What is the need for brands and real estate players to align their marketing/SEO strategies to drive better results.

Mr. Subroto Sen: Synopsis- it is an additional, effective, scalable and profitable channel of revenue.

For most brands, digital’s contribution to revenue has increased by multiples over the past few years due to tail winds such as internet penetration, content consumption boom and covid. This has been aided by the ease of transacting over the internet, implying that brands will lose out on a significant revenue contribution increasingly, if they do not ride the digital marketing bus soon.

Holistically, by sharply targeting potential customers (Performance Marketing) and optimizing one’s digital assets for user search queries (SEO), the brand is able to, over a relatively short period of time, build a significant revenue channel to supplement their offline efforts.

For Real Estate players in specific, who are great spenders on offline impact media, they stand to benefit greatly by the 360 surround where digital would supplement their large offline spends. Today when these players spend extensively to build a pull for their projects, digital will not only help capture the generated interest but will also amplify the impact of their marketing rupee spent.

 SWS: What are the trends shaping the marketing space and way forward for the sector?

Mr. Subroto Sen: Application of AI in content generation, market research, campaign optimization and insight mining is strongly impacting how digital marketing works today. AI is being used as a very effective analyst, thus saving time for SMBs.

Enterprises & large organizations, who by design have more inertia, have reached a semi-evolved state of digital implementation when compared to evolved high-growth startups. For these organizations, streamlining data and their digital marketing operations while improving their digital maturity is the primary concern for the next few quarters.

While previously, agencies worked at an arm’s length distance with clients, they must now evolve to leverage AI into their delivery while building agile teams who can deeply integrate with clients to solve marketing problems.

SWS: What are the challenges that you face in this industry?

Mr. Subroto Sen: Varying levels of digital maturity and senior management’s digital conviction make it difficult to build solutions and teams from an agency perspective. The delivery team structure highly depends on the level of digital maturity of the client. While a digitally evolved client side Point Of Contact(POC) can extract a much higher value from an agency engagement, a digital nascent POC may struggle to execute some of the complex steps needed to move the needle. Today’s agency need a fix and flex model as well to navigate complex ecosystem

SWS: Any other details that you would like to share?

Mr. Subroto Sen: Thought process is very crucial in digital marketing execution, the more we are able to have a rationale and an intricate TG understanding the better it is!

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