Iconic Indian pop-star Arjun Kanungo rocks the music circuit with his Supermoon #NowTrending ft. Arjun Kanungo Tour…

Iconic Indian pop-star Arjun Kanungo

The iconic Indian pop-star Arjun Kanungo is rocking the music circuit with his Supermoon #NowTrending ft. Arjun Kanungo Tour. The five city tour has already created waves in the cities of Delhi, Chandigarh and Bangalore and is all set to paint the cities of Pune and Mumbai red in the coming days.

1) Tell us about your experience of doing a gig or show in the new normal era?

I think the things have gone back to pre-pandemic condition, at least 90%. In fact, more people are coming out now because they have missed going to live events, and it’s more exciting now because of the long break that everyone has had. So, the only thing that everybody is afraid of is the covid waves that may happen. But now that we have been vaccinated, we aren’t seeing the government shutting down things. Maybe enable a few more precautions here and there because we don’t want any more waves to happen. I think the worst is over, but I am no doctor.

2) Tell us about your association with Supermoon and Zee Live team?

It’s the first time I’m associating with them, it’s been fun. We are doing five cities right now – Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, and Chandigarh. First time I’m doing a ticketed tour so, it’s a part of my larger Via Industry Tour and I am excited for this. It is really nice to have a partner such as Zee Live’s Supermoon. They really got a lot of significant value as partners organizing this tour. I’m looking forward to a long-term association with them.

3) What can fans expect from your gig in Bengaluru and Mumbai?

I’m super psyched for both these cities. They both are close to me. Mumbai obviously because I’m a Mumbaikar, but Bengaluru also because I’ve only received a lot of love every time I’ve gone there. People can expect a power-packed performance. Anybody who’s come to my shows can tell you that there is no shortage of energy. There is going to be jumping and dancing and singing, so it’s a mixed bag. There’s stuff from my new album which, of course, is the focus, all my hit songs, Bollywood songs and some surprises. In Mumbai, I have some surprise acts too.

4) How important is this tour for you and what memories does it bring alive?

It’s super important. I can’t tell you what it means for an artist to have a first-ticketed tour and one which is so big, in so many cities. Supermoon is a part of a much bigger tour that we are doing. It means the world to me because I never thought that I’ll be in a place where people will buy tickets and come for my shows. So, it means a lot!

5) Tell us your three favorite songs?

It’s difficult to say. I’ll name the three songs that I am listening to right now. One will be Agar Tum Saath Ho by AR Rahman; then I would say Kygo’s Freeze and then Ek Tarfa by King from his new EP.

6) Which recent song you can’t stop humming?

It’s got to be Pasoori. It’s currently everybody’s favorite and it’s definitely on my list too.

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