How to keep up with heathy habits while travelling

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Being a healthy and fit person is a virtue that requires continuous efforts and determination be it following a strict diet or indulging in regular exercise with activities like yoga, running, cycling or spending time regularly in the gym. Nonetheless, when we go for a vacation, we tend to take it easy which is perfectly fine as long as it does not result in us gaining more pounds than expected. More and more people these days like to take an extended vacation as they want to explore everything that their destination has to offer. This is why when they return, they are usually following a stricter diet or a more strenuous regime which becomes extremely hard to follow and can often result in an outburst.

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We bring you simple tips to keep up with healthy habits while travelling: –

1)Learn about your destination

When we say learn about your destination, we do not mean just know about the hotel you will be staying in. Use the power of the internet to research what type of food is served usually and which food items are easily available in the region. If you are on a strict diet you will want to know about the grocery store so that you can stock up on food that you have to consume. Moreover, a simple call to the hotel receptionist, the travel desk or restaurant manager will tell you important things which will make you better prepared.

Make sure you include these questions in your list:

• Learn about eating out options and hotel foodservice
• Ask about the use of ingredients that you are allergic to
• Ask if your room has a refrigerator for storing food that you plan on carrying or buying from a nearby grocery store?
• Do you have a grocery store near your accommodation?
• Is there an easily accessible gym to work out especially if your vacation is long?

2)Don’t Overeat

Overeating is a serious problem for people who do not watch the amount of food they are consuming and indulge heavily. We get that you are in a new place and want to try the delicacies it has to offer. However, it is important to make simple decisions and see how your body reacts to it which will tell you what amount to eat of the things that are making you salivate.

Keep in mind these things as they will stop you from overeating:

• Don’t go buffet crazy, a lot of times people eat for two when they see a buffet is included in room stay
• Drinks a lot of water
• Substitute snacking on chocolate and chips with nuts, fruits and yogurts

3)Incorporate exercise in your travel

When we travel a lot of physical work is done that involves luggage or as it is popularly known by the term ‘luggage labour’. We need to pack and unpack our things as well as carry the suitcase from home to airport/train station and then to the hotel. This can take the will to walk through the city you are staying in out of you with you.

Remember these points to incorporate exercise in your travel:

• Ditch the carry bags you plan on taking with you on your outing and travel light with just phone and wallet
• Check out all the outdoor activities you can do like trekking, hiking, boating, swimming among others as per your destination
• Instead of bus or taxi use a cycle available in the city to travel to places

4)Take enough rest

As surprising as it may sound a lot of people try to let go of their routine completely while on vacation by staying up late at night as well as partying till dawn. While this may seem a welcome change at first it can easily spoil your vacation as well as your body. This is because when you wake up when nearly half the day is gone you prefer staying in and are only able to see a few destinations before you head back home with a few extra pounds.

Remember to:

• Sleep on time
• Plan your itinerary
• Begin each morning with an active mindset

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