First-of-its-kind cradle that enables babies to have uninterrupted sleep

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New Delhi: Becoming a parent is the most euphoric phase of life, the little bundle of joy brings in new purpose and optimism. However, this bliss is accompanied by huge responsibilities and causes acute emotional and intellectual challenges. One of the most common catches that all parents weather in their initial stage of parenthood is sleep deprivation which is anticipated to have a detrimental impact on the overall health of the new-borns as well as the parents. Parents and specialists have suggested several effective measures to help them get sound sleep. One such innovative measure is put forward by Cradlewise that builds smart cribs for babies from 0 to 2 years of age to provides uninterrupted quality sleep.

As part of the Qualcomm Cohort, Cradlewise team got access to the Qualcomm Innovation Lab to develop and test the electronics for their initial prototype, grants for filing a couple of key patents in the US, and benefitted from mentorship workshops that helped them grow as a company. Qualcomm also connected them to HAX accelerator which fast-tracked their product development. Qualcomm Innovation Lab has been supporting women entreprerneur-led technology startups working in IoT/AI domain. Incubated at NASSCOM COE – IoT& AI, Bangalore,Cradlewise was established in 2017 and has worked on structuring their initial prototypes and demonstrating them to their targeted audience. Through CoE, the company could collect market feedback from both domestic and international visitors which happened to be beneficial for gaining momentum in the business ecosystem.

“NASSCOM CoE-IoT has helped us leapfrog our product readiness. They have a thriving ecosystem of innovative startups, industry connections, and enterprise partners; all in one place. Forums spearheaded by them in specific domains (Ex: LHIF- Life Sciences and Healthcare Innovation Forum) provides a platform for easy access to best practices of the industry, government, other startups, and even academia. Our incubation has also built our credibility in attracting the best talent and develop trust with our early customers. We are on an accelerated path of innovation, thanks to the support we have received from NASSCOM COE-IoT& AI,” says Radhika Patil, Co-Founder and CEO.

The early-stage nurturing that Cradlewise received from CoE has helped it to develop an avant-garde product and scale up its traction with a constructive business strategy. It now envisages to revolutionize parenting and enrich the first two years of infanthood by ensuring uninterrupted sleep to build a 3-in-1 Bassinet, Crib & Baby Monitor to help toddlers experience quality sleep automatically. “This smart, safe, and secure cradle is designed to imitate the natural bounce of a parent’s arm. Equipped with a built-in baby monitor with quiet sight technology, audio monitoring, and a night vision camera with an HD resolution of 1280 x 720, this self-learning crib is capable of detecting the early wake-up signs. It learns the sleeping pattern and acts accordingly to put the baby back to sleep. Along with the natural-soothing-noiseless bounce, it also plays curated music and prevents the baby from reaching the crying stage,” says Patil.

Founded by Bharath Patil and Radhika Patil, Cradlewise claims to be the world’s first crib to have integrated a baby monitor. This monitor senses early wake-up and initiates the bouncing to help safeguard baby’s sleep. It provides actionable sleep insights to help parents understand and improve their little one’s sleep. “Parents can connect their phones to the cradle using the smartphone app, to get a live video of the baby or listen to the baby anywhere and at any time. The night vision camera enables parents to get a glimpse of the baby at any hour of the night. The cradle monitors the baby and sends notifications & alerts to parents, notifying them about the changes and shifts taking place in the baby’s sleep pattern. This has proven to be the ultimate solution that is helping several new parents be close to their little one at any time and anywhere while being engaged in household chores or even at work,” adds Patil.

For the baby’s comfort, the cradle has a natural coconut coir mattress with waterproof, TPU laminated cotton, natural antimicrobial Dunlop latex, and eco-friendly Coconut Husk. To date, the firm has supported hundreds of babies get uninterrupted quality sleep and parents get the much-needed peace of mind. The prime movers of Cradlewise have recently integrated gesture controls and a connected app, and are soon intending to incorporate smart home platforms in the upcoming products. “Its two years of association with NASSCOM CoE-IoT has helped Cradlewise to further augment its endeavours, providing ample scopes to converge with industry people who evaluated and formalized the product. This support has given Cradlewise a leg up to thrive in the ecosystem, establish a footprint in the International market and raise funding,” says Sanjeev Malhotra, CEO, NASSCOM CoE AI&IoT.

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