Declare August 15 as Mind Sports day: Dinesh Victor, MD SIP Academy urges Union HRD Ministry

Bhanu prakash

Hyderabad, September 05, 2020…..SIP Academy, the institution which nurtured Bhanu Prakash’s talent from his early childhood urged Union HRD Ministry to declare August 15, the day Bhanu Prakash won the first ever gold  for India in the Mental Calculation World Championship at Mind Sports Olympiad in London last month, as Mind Sports Day, to promote Mind Sports in a large way in the country.

Bhanu Prakash is the World’s fastest human calculator. 

Informing this in a press note issued in Hyderabad today on the eve of felicitation to the Maths Wizard on his winning the title, Dinesh Victor an IIT and IIM alumni, CEO of SIP Academy who has been a champion of skill development movement in Children in India informed that his organisation would present representation to Union HRD Ministry to this effect very soon.

Mind sport is a game of skill where the players compete based on their intellectual ability as opposed to physical exercise. India has this talent abundantly. If this talent is honed well, India can prove its supremacy in this in the world, shared Dinesh

Bhanu, the maths genius appealed to the government to give importance to mental sports. It will be my endeavour among other things to promote Mind Sport in the country.

Dinesh Victor who was in the city also announced that they would bring out a book titled “A boy who became a Calculator”, will profile his journey, struggle, preparations, his future and vision. Aimed at young students, in a easy to read friendly format the book will be out in the next two months.

Dinesh Victor is one of the names to reckon in India on the subject of Skills Development in children.

Mind sports is seen as a new mantra to develop the intellectual potential of the child by many educationists, parents. It is considered and defined

as a genre of sports by many developed countries. But, we haven’t done much in this.

The Mind Sport tests the mental strength and mettle of participants. Mind sports are becoming popular in upwardly mobile households.  Many experts, educationist, particularly parents are awakening to the dangers of their children becoming addicted to digital screens and devices and we want kids to explore Mind Sport as a good and constructive engaging activity which will contribute to their intellectual potential, Dinesh added.

Educators, Teachers, including sports personnel are not only for it but, encouraging children to participate in mind sports for play, pleasure, learning, mental fitness and competition.

A well known Hyderabad Cricket Commentator tweeted aiming at students some time ago, ‘cricket is fine, how about Scrabble?”

The benefits of Mind Sport are plenty. The rote-centric Indian learning system stimulate both parts of bran, which Mind Sport does.

Several competent researches highlighted that engagement with mind sports improves the cognitive, physical and psychological health of children.  It will help them beat stress, engagement mind productively. It boosts kids self-confidence. They will develop problem-solving analytical and critical thinking skills which are most sought in the current period shared Dinesh

Dinesh also announced that SIP Academy wants to support him in his journey of eradicating maths phobia and his vision in promoting Maths as Mind Sport in India

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