Crimson Education Announces Socio-Cultural Activities as the Most Preferred Extracurricular Activity Amongst Students Aspiring to Study Abroad

Crimson EducationNew Delhi, 30 June 2023: Crimson Education, one of the world’s leading college admission consultancies, announced today that in the last one-year admission cycle, students who trusted Crimson Education with their college applications, invested 53.3 hours per week on average pursuing socio-cultural extracurricular and leadership activities (ECL) apart from their regular institutional curriculum. These sociocultural activities consist of community service, volunteering for social causes, personal projects, fundraisers and charity, leadership roles driving action, and collaboration at various institutional clubs, councils, or forums.

Socio-cultural ECL was followed by 33 hours per week on average devoted to academic ECL, such as research, internships, and education. Students selected in IVY League colleges also committed 19 hours on average to sports per week.

Crimson Education successfully supported over 300 students, during the previous admissions cycle, to gain admissions in the top 10 universities of the USA, including Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Duke, Chicago, Johns Hopkins and Northwestern, and the IVY Leagues. The ECL data has been derived from the records of these students.

Speaking on this, Kunal Mehra, Country Head at Crimson Education said, “Amid the competitive landscape of college applications, students often face the daunting task of setting themselves apart. Enter extracurricular activities—an invaluable opportunity for aspiring individuals to carve out their distinct identity and showcase their exceptional abilities.”

He also added, “Choosing the ideal extracurricular activities that enhance the value of college applications can be challenging. Renowned institutions are inclined towards a few extracurricular and leadership activities. These encompass a diverse range, including pre-college courses, relevant internships, community service, technical proficiencies, expressive arts, sports, and more. By navigating this landscape wisely, students can strategically demonstrate their unique abilities and stand out amidst the competitive applicant pool.”

Crimson Education students also invested 14.8 hours per week on activities associated with finance and entrepreneurship, from launching their own clubs to even writing their own novels. Students selected in IVY League also spent 9.1 hours per week on extracurricular and leadership activities associated with tech, developing applications, software, and websites. While each student spent 8 hours per week pursuing activities such as drama, literature, and music, adding to their artistic competencies.

Extracurricular and leadership activities have gained momentum amidst the growing competitiveness. These activities enable students to showcase their skills and talent along with having a distinct identity for themselves. Students also get an opportunity to unwind from their academic syllabus and pursue something they are passionate about as part of their daily schedule.

Crimson Education is holding informative workshops that delve deeper into the importance and intricacies of Extracurricular and Leadership Activities (ECLs). These engaging workshops are scheduled to take place on the 2nd of July 2023 in Delhi and on the 9th of July 2023 in Mumbai. The registration link for the same is attached below:

Delhi –

Mumbai –

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