5000 Indians join UPSC course with Catalyst Group in just a week

Akhand Swaroop Pandit_CEO_Catalyst Group

The Catalyst Group, an EdTech start-up offering online education for different competitive examinations recently launched a special course for UPSC Civil Services examination, which bagged 5000 applicants in just a week.

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The course offers special skill enhancement for the posts of different government officials like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, IES, EPFO etc. This course is easily accessible by logging on to the website and purchasing the preferred via digital payment methods. EMI payment options have also been facilitated for students who are unable to pay the entire amount all at once. The course can also be saved and re-watched as many times for future references and learning.

When the entire economy was on a standstill, EdTech continued to be among the very few sectors to have witnessed a rapid upsurge in sales-with an exponential growth of 50-60%. Commenting on the recent achievement, Akhand Swaroop Pandit, CEO and Founder, The Catalyst Group says “This pandemic has pushed the entire world into the deep end of the waters, compelling every sector to innovate, evolve and adapt to the online universe. At Catalyst, our primary and sole focus has remained on digital education even before Covid19 because we realized much earlier on in the game that digital is the future. Several Indian education brands across the board are now rising to the need of the hour and providing students with priceless educational opportunities in the online space. In the last 5 months alone, Catalyst has registered over 80% rise in admissions with the enrolment of over 1,20,000 students in different online courses.”

“In the current scenario, when private jobs are suffering due to the tough economic climate, students are seen opting for government jobs. With a vast range of students across the country and the world, we have also initiated an approach of providing free classes to remote villages,” adds Pandit. Akhand holds the position of the Education Icon of 2019 and is one of the youngest start-up mentor & angel investors.

As one of the countries with one of the youngest populations in the world and limited access to education, The Catalyst Group aims to expand the blanket of learning for the ones who need it, through enhanced learning guidance.

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