TREHAN IRIS on Setting the Architecture for India’s Next-generation social, retail & leisure spaces

Aman Trehan, Executive Director, Trehan IRIS

Aman Trehan, Executive Director, Trehan IRIS

Established in the early ‘50s, Trehan IRIS has over six decades of unprecedented experience in the construction field, recently participated in Shopping Centres Next exhibition held at Grand Hyatt, Goa.

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Shopping Centres Next 2021 event brought together India’s leading businesses and professionals to connect over the objectives of profitably mix shopping centres with the digital age. From conceptualizing the design to implementation, creating an engaging lifestyle experience for consumers to innovative things architecture can do for India’s next-generation, was discussed at length. This collaborative ecosystem will thrive new technologies to set revolutionary retail spaces transformation.

When asked about the innovative things Mr. Aman Trehan, Executive Director, Trehan IRIS is planning to do at Iris Broadway mall, he elaborated that “a lot of innovative things have been adopted by the brand, today most of the malls are based on the concept of contemporary designs with added elements of classic architecture. These innovative architects provide a cohesive character that helps unify the mall visually. We’re also Inviting space for fine dining restaurants along with fast-food chains to adopt new generation technologies to satisfy our shoppers. Recently we’ve signed up with Hamleys and McDonalds to complement the tenants. Also, organising special entertainment events on festive occasions to have a positive impact on shopper’s experience”.

He further expressed his experience at SCN 20201 “It was great to hear so many leading business tycoons and professionals sharing their varied perspectives on the outcomes of future retail real estate as an asset class to elevate the vibrancy of the malls. The overall experience with the panelists which had many renowned and accomplished names was enormous. I believe, that this level of cooperation results in best outcomes.”

Consumers are becoming more mature in demanding a luxurious lifestyle. Therefore, it has become a top priority for social, retail & leisure spaces developers and architects to design the property innovatively to attract customers. The architect of a shopping mall can transform the whole shopping experience into a social event. Adapting new technologies through the architectural sector is the answer to provide a luxurious experience to the next generation shoppers.

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