Spinny’s Go Far campaign celebrates the spirit to dream big and make things happen

Spinny’s Go Far campaign

INDIA, September 13, 2022: Spinny, a full-stack used car buying and selling platform in India, has released its next set of films for its newly announced campaign, “Go Far”. The campaign is all about pushing beyond the usual boundaries, not stopping at the finish line, and exploring further. Don’t wait for things to happen; make them happen.

A campaign inspired by ordinary people’s unique journeys to reach their dreams, for love, and sometimes, to go back to basics.

Go Far | Spinny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ielw8v5S4YQ&t=1s

Go Far manifesto speaks to the spirit of pursuing goals and dreams no matter how silly, illogical or seemingly unrealistic.

Go far for your dreams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxehNHhAkGU

The big & the small ones. Whether it is learning to drive at the age of 70, or celebrating a new house with a new car or simply imagining something amazing greater than enormous.

Go far for love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsAbzxNYpGw

Go far for love, fight the good fight for it. Even if it means doing things at an old age that were not done in younger life due to responsibilities. At this age health doesn’t really allow but you still go far for those little dreams and that big love.

Go Far, Buy, sell or upgrade your car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlb_8fAE2-Y

A car is a special purchase and our endeavor is to make it extra special for each of our customers

Following up to the new TVC, Sachin talks about his experience of meeting his first car again and more in a candid conversation with Gaurav Kapur(https://youtu.be/Y3F184IEOm4). He talks about how the first car, even though small, holds so many memories. He speaks about the inimitable feeling that your very first car gives you, his favorite driving experiences and more.

Speaking about his involvement in the campaign, Sachin Tendulkar said, “A car to me is more than just a mode of travel. It’s my second home, my co-passenger in the journey as one explores life and goes places. Our car reflects us, sometimes complements our personality. Go Far celebrates the spirit to dream big and to make things happen. It pushes us to go far for our dreams, both the big and the small ones”

Go far as a campaign is personal, relative, hence featuring different people and their stories to push beyond the comfort zone to get what they really, truly want. Whether it’s a family celebrating a new car and a new house or an elderly couple focusing on a dream they ignored for many years; the journeys represent a very individualistic take on pushing boundaries.

According to Spinny’s Founder and CEO Niraj Singh,“We believe in life and in your choices, go far. You should be able to buy a car that you actually, really want to buy, that you know would make you happy. With Spinny, we’d go that extra mile, go far at every step to make it happen for each of our customers, including Sachin Tendulkar. His first car would make him happy in a way that is rooted and real and we made it happen. A car is a special purchase for a home and our endeavor is to make it extra special for each of our customers.

Upon going live, the ad received several positive reviews. People shared their own stories of going that extra mile that made them who they are today, the journeys they took to discover themselves and their dreams. It is also aired during Asia Cup 2022 on Disney+Hotstar, and on StarSports.

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