HR platform FlexC revamps website, offers all hiring solutions under one roof

Girish Kukreja, Founder & CEO- FlexC

Girish Kukreja, Founder & CEO- FlexC

New Delhi. FlexC, an AI-Powered Talent Marketplace has recently revamped its website, making the user’s experience customizable and 3X efficient. The revamp has been made keeping in mind the evolving needs of the industry with respect to talent acquisition.

Home Improvement

Their upgraded advanced technology ensures to impart information based on user- clear CTA- Call to Actions. In their renovated website, the work tech start-up has launched three avatars representing- Organisations, Professionals and HR Agencies. All the user has to do is click on a specific avatar, and their technology will ensure that the user receives an end-to-end customised browsing experience.

The website targets professionals looking for jobs, and companies looking for better resources to manage their hiring process. It’s AI algorithms with Integrated Data Science and Machine Learning Engine provides data-driven insights to help companies find a perfect match every time they post a requirement for talent. It has curated resources to help HRs renovate their workforce from traditional to hybrid. Their seamless onboarding and management process will facilitate organisations transition faster towards the future of work. Organisations can browse relevant talent, HR agencies and individuals can browse available projects, even without signing up.

Speaking on the development, Girish Kukreja, Founder and CEO, FlexC said, “The objective behind the revamp of the website is to have our complete solutions simplified, alluded clearly and ensure the contextualised experience for our stakeholders. We want our platform’s AI capabilities to be used by organisations, professionals and HR agencies to save efforts, get better results and hence reduce the cycle time by at least 50%.”

FlexC offers a family of tools curated to upgrade your business performance. The platform has done diversification into four models-

FlexC Hire: Hire permanent employees for your workforce through FlexC’s AI- recommended profiles and through our recruiter network. Shortlist professionals, conduct interviews and onboard candidates seamlessly.

FlexC Contract: Onboard and manage the complete employment cycle of your contractors in a single streamlined flow.

FlexC Freelance: Access to finest professionals across 400+ skills and automate your complete process- from onboarding to final payments.

FlexC Force: An integrated SaaS platform curated for talent acquisition and management. Avoid time taking implementation cycles and customise FlexC as per your brand requirements.

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