Budget expectation quote from Mr. Dibyendu Bindal, Founder & CEO – MIGHTY Foods

Mr. Dibyendu Bindal, Founder & CEO -MIGHTY

Mr. Dibyendu Bindal, Founder & CEO – MIGHTY Foods

“The plant-based food industry in India is evolving rapidly and growing significantly. In addition to reducing cruelty to animals, and providing a green alternative to meat-based proteins, we also espouse the ethos and align with the Make in India & Vocal for Local initiatives by the government. We feel that homegrown start-ups like ours, which cater to the food and nutritional requirements of consumers, need to be better supported fiscally in form of subsidies and tax breaks. Helping bring parity with food from the market, in terms of how packaged food products are taxed – will allow us not only to pass on these benefits to the consumers but will also help propagate a change in how people consume nutrition, with previously unavailable cruelty-free alternatives.”

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