Appalla Saikiran, Founder and CEO of SCOPE, gets selected for Glantor X Nation Choice Awards as one of the top 100 most powerful personalities

Appalla Saikiran, Founder and CEO of SCOPE

September 13th, 2022: Creating yet another benchmark in the hitherto entrepreneurial ecosystem, Appalla Saikiran, Founder and CEO of SCOPE, a new-age holistic platform for budding entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, and industry experts, has bagged a place in Glantor X Nation Choice Awards for top 100 most powerful personalities. This milestone is a testament to Appalla’s unique mindset, forward-thinking thought process, pioneering approach and immense hard work, which makes him an ideal avatar for aspiring young entrepreneurs.

The selection process for Glantor X Nation Choice Awards was exhaustive, to say the least. After the nomination round, the nominees were selected by a panel of juries. In the end, a list of the top 100 most powerful personalities in 2022 was created through voting. The winners were given a gold-plated certificate along with a magnificently crafted trophy. They also received a digital certificate for particular showcasing needs.

Appalla Saikiran, Founder & CEO, SCOPE, said, “This accomplishment is an extremely humbling achievement. Sharing a stage with such prominent personalities is nothing short of a dream come true. I am grateful to Glantor for this opportunity. As a teen entrepreneur, while the journey hasn’t been easy, it is sure filled with appreciation and respect. I firmly believe that if a person stays true to their path, the rest will automatically fit like pieces of a puzzle. To aspiring entrepreneurs, I want to say, don’t let your inhibitions stop you from dreaming big. Keep working smartly and towards your goal. Everything else will follow you naturally.”

It is pertinent to note that Appalla spearheads SCOPE’s fast-evolving growth plans. He was recently elected as one of India’s 11 most successful teenage entrepreneurs by The Big Red Group and nominated as the International Partner for India at World Business Angel Investment Forum (WBAF). Appalla is all set to represent India at the next Grand Assembly to join the world’s largest forum of the equity investment market.

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