Xanadu Realty’s ‘The Great Indian Home Shopping Festival’ is Live!

Samujjwal Ghosh, Director - Brand & Marketing, Xanadu Realty (1)

With the most prominent and first-of-its-kind home shopping festival already live from 25th July 2020, Xanadu Realty is changing the perceived notion that properties can’t be sold online. The leading online realty platform is hosting ‘The Great Indian Home Shopping Festival’, India’s first online home buying event that has gained so much traction in such a short while by enabling new-age consumers to buy their dream home through a seamless virtual experience. Xanadu Realty has already closed more than 1000 interactions within 24 hours of the festival’s launch. The event will run till 30th August 2020.

During the same phase, the leading online realty platform also hosted a unique Super Midnight Sale on 31st July 2020 in association with Raunak Group. It was a flash sale that consumers have only seen on e-commerce portals so far. However, Xanadu Realty applied the same concept on the home buying front and received tremendous response from customers who booked and bought properties between 9 PM and 12 AM at exciting price points. Xanadu Realty successfully achieved traction from 1000+ customers within 24 hours. These consumers were part of the unique virtual sales experience, which included live Q & A with Xanadu’s in-house sales teams before the event went live.

Commenting on the same, Mr. Samujjwal Ghosh, Director at Xanadu, said, “With work from home being widely adopted across India, we at Xanadu Realty are striving to apply this approach on the home buying front as well (buy from home). Leveraging the human-tech interface, we aim to tap the potential of virtual property tours and make the online home buying process more seamless. We are delighted to share that we have been successful in our attempt. We have already gained huge traction from consumers, some of whom also bought properties by going through a seamless virtual experience, and a new dimension to real estate buying”.

Online shopping has been an ordinary practice for Indians. But buying a home online is something that nobody could have ever thought of. And Xanadu Realty has made that possible for real. With these initiatives in the realty space, Xanadu Realty is bringing a revolution in the real estate space and redefining the home buying process across India

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