‘Troopel Bundelkhand’ will strengthen the relation between the Public and Politicians now in Bundelkhand


The country’s leading online news platform, Troopel.com is now expanding and initiating its presence in the Bundelkhand region. Troopel.com will mark its presence in all 13 districts of Bundelkhand; the channel has also got recognition as the largest online news network in the region. The special feature of ‘Troopel Bundelkhand’ will be to provide and highlight transparent and balanced opinions on social and political issues starting 1 September.

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The channel is trying to connect people who understand regional languages to gain knowledge, learn and be attentive towards unheard and unlearnt issues. The other objective of the channel is to seek attention on the ground level problems faced by the natives that can be explained better with more clarity. With the representatives in cities like Jhansi, Sagar, Kalpi, Chirgaon, Datia, Dabra, Panna, Banda, Chitrakoot, Tikamgarh, Lalitpur, Damoh, Jalaun, Orai, Hamirpur, Mahoba, Banda, Ashoknagar and Chhatarpur, the channel is bound to give true and accurate information to its audience.

Adding to the information about the channel, Mr. Atul Malikram, Co-Founder, Troopel.com said; “Through Troopel Bundelkhand we will help to convey the ground problems of the local residents to the administrative authorities and the concerned representatives. Also, the departments concerned with the problem can be addressed by the initiatives the channel has taken now and will add on it the future. There will be ease of doing things. It will not only act as a channel but will also act as a bridge between the public and politicians. “

“Troopel.com has been in its existence as a digital platform for a long time, which has extensively expressed its views in the fields of agriculture, education and social subjects amongst other issues. Be it political analysis or digital assessment of the work of public representatives, the channel has done its best to answer and cater them all.
Recently, on the occasion of 15 August, the organization has started the country’s largest digital signature campaign to declare Ujjain as one of the best managed and organised spiritual city of the country. Gaining traction from length and breadth of the country, over 50 thousand people have joined this campaign so far. The channel has also tried to create awareness amongst the natives and citizens amidst this pandemic COVID-19, about the administrative department on the worse condition of nomadic society, crematorium and cemeteries. So that special efforts are already being made to attain administrative attention and reduce the effect or spread of infection by taking extra care of some important and special sites in the city.

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