Power 8 comes up with innovative solutions to fight corona-virus

corona virus

In a presentation to NASSCOM CoE-IoT & AI; Power 8 a noteworthy startup based upon IoT & AI platform and primarily focused on optimising utility bills for commercial buildings and industrial complexes, presented a use case study of its product targeted towards keeping people safe from the CoronaVirus.

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During the presentation, Abhinav Saksena, founder, Power 8, introduced Viro-Safe and Viro8 products that are developed by the company to counter the ongoing pandemic. Speaking about the development, Abhinav Saksena said that his team has used UVGI technology, which can kill SARS COVID-19. He stated “We have Viro-Safe, which sterilises grocery items, food items, or any object in order to stop the transmission through surfaces which can be homes, FMCG, or offices. Along with it, we have built Viro8, which sanitises centrally air-conditioned buildings with AHU, HVAC’s like offices and hospitals, in order to stop the transmission through the air”. Their innovative products contain UV-C lights and control panels which is a solution for improving indoor air quality and is also beneficial for power saving. The air quality gets improved by 70%-80% and along with it the amount of energy consumption gets reduced by approx 10%-15% for the entire building.

The startup is supported by Hartron (a Haryana Govt. undertaking) through its state of art facility i.e. the Hartron Multi Skill Development Centre (HMSDC). This Haryana Govt. initiative is aligned to the Startup India Campaign of the Govt. of India and is committed to providing the right tools, right techniques & right methodologies to aid & assist start-ups in their growth.

Acknowledging & appreciating the efforts of Power8 towards fighting the global pandemic, Sh. Dhammapal Chawhan, MD, Hartron said, “Tackling the global pandemic which has affected lives all over the globe requires contribution from everyone in the society. We at Hartron are all for supporting & grooming start-ups who can offer a rapid response to counter the pandemic through innovative technological solutions. The world is going through challenging times, and solutions such as Power8’s Viro-Safe & Viro8 can make a difference by offering necessary tools albeit solutions to face the situation.”

Sanjeev Kalia, Head-HMSDC, said that a lot of people have ideas, but implementing ideas is not easy and it’s harder still to raise capital. Here at HMSDC we are doing our very best to nurture start-ups by developing an ecosystem where young brilliant minds with idea’s can come together; give shape to their ideas and in the process contribute to the society as a whole.

Further Sudhanshu Mittal, Head CoE Gurugram & Director Technical Solutions, NASSCOM, added that the Government of Haryana is a pioneer in the country when it comes to promotion of innovation. At NASSCOM CoE-IOT & AI we are committed to supporting and promoting startups developing innovative solutions. It is a matter of pride for us when our startups develop and deploy solutions that are able to make an impact. We look forward to continued success from Power8 and other such players.

These developments by Power 8 have been approved by ASHRAE, ISHRAE, REHVA and recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Many countries such as China, Singapore, and South Korea have started adopting these technologies resulting in successful limitation of the spread of SARS coronavirus.

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