JKCement celebrates the true spirit of Diwali with #AndarSeSundar2.0 campaign

New Delhi: JKCementWallMaxXhas unveiled the new phase of its #AndarSeSundar campaign to celebrate the spirit of the festive season. The latest campaign #AndarSeSundar2.0 recognise the hard work and selfless commitment of the painter community, who are nothing less than superheroes transforming our homes and making them festive-ready.

Since the festive period is one of the high seasons for home renovations, our painter partners have their schedules clogged and even have to devote extra hours to make sure that there is no hindrance in the plans of the homeowners. In meeting their duties, there are times when they are unable to make it to their homes for the festival celebration with their family.

The campaign highlights and appreciates the gesture doff hats to and recognizes the efforts of all the nameless painters who make our homes #AndarSeSundar, especially during the festivals. The campaign was conceptualized on the insights from recent market research which stated that 62% of the painters stay away from their families to earn a livelihood in the city. The research also revealed that only 49% of them get the opportunity to visit their hometown that too less than two times a year! Most of them prioritize lighting up someone else’s home during the festivals and in return, go back to an empty abode, far away from their families.

The key intent of the campaign was to recognize and appreciate the real heroes behind the beauty of our festivities, the painters; who sacrifice their family time to make our homes #AndarSeSundar. Through this campaign, JKCement WallMaxX wants to ignite the real festive spirit among the society which at large includes inclusivity of all in the celebrations and happiness.

The ad campaign has been conceptualized by KandidKanvas& Social Cloud, while the production house is Bombay Film Company.

The film showcases an emotional story that defines how empathy and humanity can make anyone’s festival Sundar. It portrays the story of a painter who found it almost impossible to go home to his daughter for a Diwali celebration as he had to honor his commitment made to a young couple who are celebrating their ‘Pehli Diwali’.  The twist in the tale happens when the young couple makes sure that he reaches his village on time to celebrate Diwali with his family. The campaign film has touched millions of hearts and has garnered a viewership of 4 Mn within 3 days of its launch

Speaking on the campaign, Indranil Lahiri, Head- of branding, White Cement Business, said, “We feel the insight-driven campaign is more impactful especially when it addresses an issue. The inception of the campaign happened when we discovered that a lot of our influencers (painters) expect something beyond financial gains from the homeowners who avail of their services. That “something” is nothing but the recognition of their hard work and acknowledgment to the fact that they have to let go of their festive celebrations in order to make the homeowner’s abode festive-ready. #AndarSeSundar 2.0 is our humble initiative to thank the painters, who give up on their special moments for us to create cherished memories during the festivities and to encourage others to follow the path of kindness to make this world a better place.

To perfectly encapsulate the essence of the film, JKCement WallMaxX came up with a song to resonate with the mood of the audience at every stage of the film. The music was composed by ‘Indian Ocean’- a set of master musicians who through their music have always stood up for humanity, empathy, and virtue.

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