ETMONEY launches India’s Favourite Investment product, Fixed Deposits, assuring up to 7.35% returns



In line with its promise to serve the country’s investors with the most diverse range of investment options, the country’s largest online wealth management app, ETMONEY has partnered with Bajaj Finance to offer hassle-free, online Fixed Deposits. The latest offering will allow investors an easy investment opportunity with assured returns of up to 7.35 per cent. 

Indians have always prefered fixed deposits over other financial instruments owing to its reliability of being a safe investment option. However, with FD rates offered by Banks falling over the last couple of years, most Indians are now earning returns that barely beat inflation. With ETMONEY’s FD offering, millions of Indian investors now have an option to earn higher returns compared to many bank FDs.

The offering also comes with a host of features such as flexible interest payouts, tenures ranging from 12 to 60 months, and higher interest rates for senior citizens. The convenience of investing using ETMONEY in a seamless & 100% paperless manner along with the safety of this investment instrument can help millions of Indian investors plan their short-term financial goals with confidence.

Speaking on the launch of Fixed Deposits on its platform, ETMONEY Founder-CEO Mukesh Kalra said, “Fixed deposits have been an indispensable investment option for hundreds of millions of Indian families for over half-a-century. In these uncertain times, we intend to bring safety & assurance via high-interest FDs from Bajaj & enable Indians to grow their savings seamlessly. We’re glad to have been able to do it end-to-end, from concept to launch, amidst pandemic

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