Check Point MIND Announces new partnership with training vendor Monnappa K.A.

New Delhi, September 30, 2022 – MIND – Check Point Software’s learning & Training organization announced a new partnership with training vendor Monnappa K.A, providing customer and partners the ability to advance their skills in cyber defense with two new training courses.

Hacking Point training programs are expanding with the addition of two new training programs by Monnappa K.A. As of September 2022, customers can begin purchasing Malware Analysis training as well as training for Threat Hunting Using Memory Forensics. All new courses are offered remotely and taught by a virtual instructor.

The Malware Analysis training guides students through a 2-day hands-on training in which they learn the concepts, tools, and techniques to analyze and to determine the behavior and capability of the malware.

The Threat Hunting training teaches the techniques to investigate and hunt for malware using memory forensics. Learners are introduced to the topic of Windows internals, and techniques to perform malware and Rootkit investigations.

Monnappa is the author of the bestselling book “Learning Malware Analysis”. He is the creator of Limon Linux sandbox and winner of Volatility plugin contest 2016. He is the co-founder of the cyber security research community “Cysinfo“. His fields of interest include malware analysis, reverse engineering, memory forensics, and threat intelligence. Monnappa has presented at various security conferences including Black Hat, FIRST, SEC-T, 4SICS-SCADA/ICS summit, DSCI, National Cyber Defense Summit on various topics including: memory forensics, malware analysis, reverse engineering, and rootkit analysis. He has conducted training sessions at Black Hat, BruCON, FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security teams), SEC-T and 4SICS-SCADA/ICS cyber security summit.

Monnappa K.A services are redeemable with CLCs – Cyber Security Learning Credits. CLCs are used by Check Point customers everywhere to invest in their training and Cyber skills development.

MIND – Check Point’s learning and training organization will continue to partner leading training organizations in the industry to deliver innovative cyber content through certification training, gamified learning opportunities, online courses and more.

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