MongoDB Unveils Program for Enterprises to Develop Modern Apps with Advanced AI

New Delhi—May 2, 2024—MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDB) announced the MongoDB AI Applications Program (MAAP) that is designed to help organizations rapidly build and deploy modern applications enriched with generative AI technology at enterprise scale. MAAP provides customers with strategic advisory, professional services, and an integrated end-to-end technology stack from MongoDB and its partners. MAAP launch partners include industry-leading consultancies and foundation model (FM), cloud infrastructure, and generative AI framework and model hosting providers that together with MongoDB help customers identify business problems that can be solved with advanced AI-powered applications. MAAP is designed to be a one-stop solution for enterprises that want to quickly and effectively embed generative AI into applications with the required technology stack and expertise in place.

“We’ve seen tremendous enthusiasm for generative AI among our customers, from agile startups to established global enterprises,” said Alan Chhabra, EVP of Worldwide Partners at MongoDB. “These organizations leverage MongoDB’s cutting-edge technology and comprehensive services to transform innovative concepts into real-world applications. However, some are still navigating how best to integrate generative AI to solve the right business problems. That’s where the MongoDB AI Applications Program comes in. This program combines our robust developer data platform, MongoDB Atlas, with our own expertise, professional services, and strategic partnerships with leaders in generative AI technologies to provide comprehensive roadmaps for organizations of all sizes to confidently adopt and implement generative AI. With the MongoDB AI Applications Program, we and our partners help customers use generative AI to enhance productivity, revolutionize customer interactions, and drive industry advancements.”

Generative AI-driven innovation has set a clear imperative for every organization—to compete, they need to modernize their applications to meet and exceed customer expectations. Organizations of every size across industries want to immediately take advantage of this technological shift, but are unsure if they have the right data strategy and technology in place that will lead to success in building, deploying, and scaling new classes of applications securely and reliably. Many organizations are stuck with ineffective ways of working with data because of legacy technology that cannot scale, while others attempt to use single-purpose, bolt-on solutions that introduce unnecessary complexity and cost. As a result, these organizations wind up trading off long-term success—because of outdated technology or add-on solutions—for short-term results with proofs of concept that cannot scale to production, offer enterprise-grade security and reliability, or provide a meaningful return on their investment.

MAAP addresses these challenges by providing customers with the strategic framework, expert professional services, and technology roadmap to identify and work backward from business problems, rapidly build and iterate on solutions, and to optimize innovative generative AI applications—empowering customers to put them into production. Combined with MongoDB’s technology that enables companies to deploy generative AI applications with a unified developer data platform, MAAP delivers an end-to-end solution through its partnerships with industry-leading consultancies and FM, cloud infrastructure, and generative AI framework and model hosting providers—including Anthropic, Anyscale, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cohere,,, Google Cloud, gravity9, LangChain, LlamaIndex, Microsoft Azure, Nomic, PeerIslands, Pureinsights, and Together AI. MAAP offers customers the technology, full-service engagement, and expert support required to:

Develop end-to-end strategies and roadmaps to build, deploy, and scale generative AI applications with hands-on support: Engagement with MAAP begins with highly personalized deep dives. MongoDB Professional Services evaluates an organization’s current technology stack and works with customers to identify business problems to work backward from. MongoDB Professional Services and consultancy partners then develop strategic roadmaps to rapidly prototype the required architecture, validate that initial results meet customer expectations, and then optimize fully built applications that customers can evolve for use in production. Customers can continue receiving support from MongoDB Professional Services to develop new generative AI features depending on their needs.

Build high-performing generative AI applications that are secure, reliable, and trustworthy: Enterprises must trust that new technology being deployed throughout their organization and in customer-facing applications will behave as expected and will not inadvertently expose sensitive data. MAAP offers a curated selection of leading FMs that have been designed for safety, trustworthiness, and usefulness by MAAP partners. By combining these FMs with techniques like retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) using proprietary data with robust governance controls, customers can reduce model hallucinations by controlling exactly what data is provided to FMs to give them the required context that improves accuracy. Customers can also use optimized fine-tuning and inference services through MAAP partners for domain-specific use cases and fast AI model response times using models from Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, Mistral, OpenAI, and more. With MAAP, customers get the generative AI reference architectures, integrated technology, and prescriptive guidance needed for their use cases through hands-on professional services to help them build secure, high-performing applications that function as intended.

Engage in generative AI jump-start sessions with industry experts: Organizations not yet ready to adopt generative AI at scale can customize their MAAP engagement to provide their teams prototyping sessions in a secure, private, sandbox environment. For example, a customized engagement with MAAP can include an organization’s strategy, operations, IT, or software development teams—or a combination of several teams—where an expert-led session brings together different perspectives and aims to identify an internal business challenge that generative AI can be applied to. MongoDB Professional Services can then lead a hackathon to collaboratively build a solution and test its effectiveness for internal use cases. MAAP provides the education, resources, and technology needed to quickly build a tangible solution to see generative AI in action in solving a specific business problem.

MongoDB customers welcome MAAP to help them build applications enriched with generative AI

ACI Worldwide powers mission-critical real-time payment software solutions for thousands of organizations around the world. Many of the world’s largest financial institutions rely on ACI to process and manage digital payments, power omni-commerce payments, and to manage fraud and risk. “MongoDB and PeerIslands have been working closely with ACI Worldwide to modernize and transform our critical business applications, and the results in this initial phase have been impressive,” said Abe Kuruvilla, CTO at ACI Worldwide. “By relying on MongoDB Atlas, and by leveraging MongoDB’s AI solutions, we’ve been able to speed up our modernization process and to reduce the burden of database management faced by our developers, allowing them to focus on innovation. ACI Worldwide looks forward to continuing to work closely with MongoDB, PeerIslands, and MAAP partners through the new MongoDB AI Applications Program.”

Arc XP is the SaaS content platform built to power sophisticated storytelling and digital experiences for customers with big stories to tell. “We needed to come up with a strategy that enabled us to keep pace with our growth while maintaining a pace of feature development. That’s why we chose to go to MongoDB Atlas,” said Joe Croney, CTO at Arc XP. “Enabling developers to build more value for customers is ultimately what we’re here to do, and that’s why MongoDB has been so effective as a partner. The story of Arc XP is one of hypergrowth, and MongoDB Atlas has been fantastic in enabling our business transformation. Our recent advancements, particularly in AI-driven features, have thrived thanks to our deep engagement with MongoDB’s Professional Services, Technology, and Account teams. These partnerships have been crucial, allowing Arc XP engineers to innovate using MongoDB’s cutting-edge technologies, including MongoDB Atlas Vector Search.”

Scalestack’s AI-powered, all-in-one go-to-market data orchestration and activation platform helps customers spend less time manually researching and organizing data, and more time executing. “Scalestack’s mission is to help organizations unlock sales productivity, and our relationship with MongoDB and its partners has been integral to that,” said Elio Narciso Co-founder and CEO at Scalestack. “Scalestack’s Spotlight AI copilot—which helps sales representatives prioritize and choose their targets, as well as draft personalized emails and scripts based on unstructured data—uses MongoDB Atlas Vector Search’s RAG abilities to perform quick searches over large datasets using vector similarity. MongoDB’s partnerships and integrations have helped us fine-tune AI models to specific use cases, enhancing Spotlight’s performance. We’re excited to continue innovating on behalf of customers by working with MongoDB and its partners through the new MongoDB AI Applications Program.”

MongoDB partners joining MAAP to provide strategic consulting, technology, and expertise to customers

Anthropic, a world-leading AI company, pioneers trusted, safe, and reliable AI solutions for enterprises. Its advanced Claude 3 model family delivers valuable AI assistance in data analysis, content creation, customer support, project management, and strategic decision-making across every team. “Deploying accurate and reliable AI solutions is a top priority for enterprises today. Through our participation in MongoDB’s AI Applications Program, more businesses will harness the power of Anthropic’s industry-leading Claude 3 model family to develop tailored solutions that drive real business impact,” said Kate Jensen, Head of Revenue at Anthropic. “By integrating Anthropic’s powerful foundation models with MongoDB’s cutting-edge technology and expertise, more enterprises in regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare will confidently deploy customized AI solutions that meet their standards on safety and security.”

Since 2006, Amazon Web Services has been the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud. “Generative AI is a transformative technology that has the promise to change how organizations of all sizes across industries conduct business, optimize their operations, and interact with their customers,” said Chris Grusz, Managing Director of Technology Partnerships at AWS. “AWS and MongoDB have been working together to integrate services for several years, helping customers leverage the strength of both companies to help developers innovate more rapidly. The MongoDB AI Applications Program will help build on the impact we’ve already been helping customers achieve.”

Google Cloud is the new way to the cloud, providing AI, infrastructure, developer, data, security, and collaboration tools built for today and tomorrow. “MongoDB and Google Cloud have helped joint customers enhance their businesses with AI for many years, and we’re excited to extend our collaboration with support for the MongoDB AI Applications Program,” said Stephen Orban, VP of Migrations, ISVs, and Marketplace at Google Cloud. “Together, we will provide enterprises with the technical resources, frameworks, and governance tools required to more effectively build and deploy generative AI applications on Google Cloud’s AI-optimized infrastructure.”

Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. “Many customers want to get up and running quickly with generative AI but are sometimes overwhelmed by the many choices of technologies and the expertise required to build modern applications,” said Alvaro Celis, Vice President of Global ISV Commercial Solutions at Microsoft. “The new MongoDB AI Applications Program will help organizations reduce the complexity and time it takes to build applications enriched with generative AI by offering them integrated technology solutions and hands-on support. We are excited to be a launch partner for the program to help our joint customers with MongoDB take advantage of this game-changing technology.”

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