Explurger – Made in India app launched on 74th Independence Day, Gamification to AI-based features, do a lot more on this new-age social media app


A completely homegrown social media app developed by leading entrepreneur, JitinBhatia, Explurger is a new-age social media platform built on Artificial Intelligence (AI) packed with exciting features for the world to connect. Registered in Delhi, India, Explurger is launched to further Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of an AtmaNirbharBharat.

Jitinhas harnessed the power of cutting-edge Indian IT, supplementing it by his own experience of software development, to build this innovative social media app, which is at par with the leading social media platforms in the world.

Explurger allows you to celebrate your life with friends and family as no other social media app does. It empowers you to go beyond check-ins and the obvious. As you share pictures and videos, the AI of this sleek app automatically creates a Travelogue for you, keeping a count of the exact miles, cities, countries and continents you travel to. What’s more? You can even create a Bucket List of places you wish to visit and share your future travel plans with fellow Explurgers.

Explurger redefines the way you socialize. Here’s what makes Explurger unique:

Complete Travelogue: Check-ins are temporary, Explurge-Ins are forever. Every time you create a post, Artificial Intelligence automatically updates your personalized Travelogue. So every mile, city, country, club and what-nots you go to, get added to your travelogue without you having to worry about it. Just focus on exploring, Explurger got your back!

Bucket List: When a friend shares a picture/video from a cool place, just add it to your bucket list. So that whenever you are around that area, Explurger would remind you to check out that place, you simply tick it off your list.

Future Travel Plans: Make your future travel plan announcements exciting with a‘Live Countdown Timer’. Revel in the suggestions, tips and envy that pours in! Maybe you’d get others to join you on the journey!

Explurger Levels: Gamify your social media experience. For the very first time, you can now compete for a higher Explurger level even as you share your life with friends and family. How? Every mile you travel, city you visit, post you spread or Kudos you accumulate, the excitement goes up… and so does your Explurger level! Cobalt, Silver, Gold, Spectra, Spectra prime — what’s your level?

Kudos: Spread happiness and express your excitement on each post by giving 1 to 3 Kudos.

Spread: With a click of a button, now share all your exciting Explurges on other social media apps out there as you post it on Explurger!

Rate on the go: This app allows you to rate an experience, cafe, city or place!

Finally a dil se desi app ready to compete with the best social media apps in the world.

Hello, world! Sit up and take notice, Explurger has arrived.

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