ManipalCigna Health Insurance launches AI-Powered Personalized Mini Mindful Moments this International Yoga Day

Mumbai, 21st June, 2024 – ManipalCigna Health Insurance, one of India’s fastest-growing standalone health insurance company, announces the launch of its generative AI-Powered guided meditation; Mini Mindful Moments in celebration of International Yoga Day.

Mini Mindful Moments by ManipalCigna in collaboration with Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) invites individuals to explore and connect with their unique idea of bliss. The aim of this initiative is to encourage people to take out a moment from the daily hustle-bustle, chaos and monotony and rejuvenate themselves or gift that moment of bliss to their loved ones. Through the #MiniMindfulMoments portal, users can access customized meditation experiences crafted using cutting-edge generative AI. Each video is uniquely tailored, ensuring a personalized journey towards relaxation and inner peace.

Sapna Desai, Chief Marketing Officer, ManipalCigna Health Insurance, said “In this fast-growing hustle culture, finding calm in between chaos becomes a necessity. Studies show one in every third Indian struggles with stress and anxiety. This International Yoga Day, we aim to make mindfulness more essential with our Mini Mindful Moments initiative. This AI generated innovative experience offers personalized guided meditation videos that is tailored to individual’s unique idea of bliss, showcasing that Health is the real Wealth.”

The AI-powered ‘Mini Mindful Moments’ by ManipalCigna showcases that even embracing 60secs of calm in this busy world can be blissful. The guided-meditation based on the imagination of “What my happy place looks like” focuses on recharging your soul through a minute of mindfulness. The AI-generated personalised guided meditation pushes you to have some time of the day only for yourself, even if you must steal from your schedule.

On the microsite #MiniMindfulMoments Users can create and gift uniquely tailored meditation experience in just a few prompts, which will be transformed into a personalised mini meditation video. The personalized meditation will have a custom audio and name which will be created using generative AI technology. The output will then be shared with users, allowing them to listen and share with their family and friends.

ManipalCigna Health Insurance will leverage this initiative through social media platforms for widespread promotion. Additionally, the company will be collaborating with multiple social media influencers, who will use the portal to create customized meditation experiences and express how they feel.

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