Jagran New Media and Vishvasnews.com Launches 6th Edition of Sach Ke Sathi #factsup to Combat Fake News and Misinformation

Jagran New Media and Vishvasnews.com Launches 6th Edition of Sach Ke Sathi #factsup to Combat Fake News and Misinformation

New Delhi, Friday, 14th October 2022: India’s top media conglomerate, Jagran New Media and Vishvas News’s powerful Sach Ke Sathi campaign is back with its sixth edition. The theme for this year is Sach Ke Sathi: FactsUp. Launched on October 13, 2022. Sach Ke Sathi: FactsUp aims to raise awareness about the societal effects of misinformation and fake news, as well as to provide the tools and training needed to identify misinformation. The goal is to spread awareness of fact-checking through media literacy.

The flagship media literacy and training initiative, Sack Ke Sathi, was introduced by Vishvasnews.com and Jagran New Media in 2019. The last five editions, which addressed topics including Health Fact Check, Bihar Elections, Yes for Vaccine, Assembly Elections 2022 and more, broke glass ceilings with their impact and success, paving the way for the sixth edition to follow.
Sach Ke Sathi: FactsUp begins in October 2022 till March 2023, spanning across 10 states and 17 cities through various virtual and on-ground workshops.

The CEO of Jagran New Media, Bharat Gupta, commented on the launch saying, “Over time, fake news and misinformation have crept deep into the content we consume, necessitating the urgent need to detect and rebut it. We at Jagran New Media believe in publishing meaningful and trustworthy content, and our effort to debunk misinformation through vishvasnews.com is at the heart of our ecosystem.”

Rajesh Upadhyay, Editor in Chief, Jagran New Media, said, “The main objective of the program is to create awareness, empower citizens with tools to identify dis/misinformation and encourage them to spread information about fact-checking in their social circle. Through this initiative, Vishwasnews.com and Jagran New Media strive to engage as many users as possible and help them to identify between real and fake news.We plan to connect with citizens through our local coordinators, editors, influencers, community radio, and other channels as part of our robust outreach plan.

As part of Sach ke Sathi FactsUp drive, Vishvasnews.com team will connect with the citizens and add them to the Vishvas WhatsApp Tipline number. There will be instructions on how to use the Tipline number to make inquiries. Events and seminars will be held locally with the assistance of qualified fact-checking experts for the benefit of citizens in these cities who are digitally vulnerable. The tipline will be promoted extensively and people will be guided on how to use the number for sending in their queries and connect in large numbers.

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