Àrthropo Presents Ruralia: In Praise of the Overlooked


Àrthropo Presents Ruralia: In Praise of the Overlooked. A Thematic NFT Drop Featuring 5 Original Works from Digital Fine Artists: Laurence Fuller, Hossein Goshtasbi, Andy Feltham, Natalie Christensen and Fernando Gallegos. 

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Founded by a team of collectors, crypto art enthusiasts and software developers, Àrthropo is a web3-native crypto art project at the nexus of art and technology. Powered by an exclusive community of established collectors and artists, Àrthropo features monthly À Drops as core offerings. À Drops are thematic, limited edition NFT collections of works from a selected group of artists tackling specific themes, as formulated by the Àrthropo team.

Ruralia is scheduled to drop on Wednesday, October 19th at 3 pm EST. Minting will take place on http://arthropo.xyz

With this drop, we wanted to explore the familiar, the quotidian; all that we take for granted, and see if we could shine a light on it and therefore turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. A renewed interest towards that we’ve discounted or written off as just another backdrop to our lives. For this drop, we’ve enlisted Natalie Christensen, Hossein Goshtasbi, Andy Feltham, Fernando Gallegos and Laurence Fuller to interpret the theme and share their interpretation of it.

The drop will feature 5 works + 1 Bonus Piece in an Edition of 25 at 0.5 ETH.

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