Hyderabad to have Telugu States first Plasma Bank The Rotary Plasma Bank will be launched by Union Minister Mr G. Kishan Reddy on Sunday


Hyderabad, August 20,  2020…The only hope to Corona until Vaccine introduced is Plasma Therapy. Making that easy is Plasma

Hyderabad to have Telugu States’, first Plasma Bank. Thanks to Rotary Club of Hyderabad Deccan, the bank will be formally inaugurated by Union Home Minister of State Shri G. Kishan Reddy on Sunday morning.

The Rotary Club of Hyderabad Deccan (RCHD)is a premier Rotary Club in the twin cities and has an enviable record of service.

The plasma bank is the need of the hour of treatment for Covid-19. 

Set up on the lines of one in Delhi and Noida, it will fulfil the needs of people in Telugu states in these difficult times announced Rotary in a press note issued in the city today.

Rotary plasma bank is the initiative of the Rotary Challa Blood Bank to cater to the requirement for COVID Convalescent Plasma being prescribed by many doctors as a line of treatment for patients suffering severe symptoms of COVID SARS II.

Many doctors and hospitals have been prescribing plasma rich in antibodies. 

The patients and doctors are under stress as the number of patients far outnumber the number of donors coming forward to donate plasma. Donors’ fear of loss of privacy, re-infection and the long waiting at Hospitals make them reluctant to come forward to donate.

To ensure that the need in society for COVID Convalescent Plasma is met, Rotary Club of Hyderabad Deccan is launching the plasma bank initiative at the Rotary Challa Blood Bank. The initiative requires patients and donors to register at the www.plasmaforyou.org platform. The Donors will be pre-screened for antibodies and other blood parameters from samples collected at home and requested to come to the blood bank or transport to the blood bank at a designated time thus eliminating the worries of re-infection and the discomfort of waiting at Hospitals.

The patients will have the benefit of transparent pricing for all categories including free CCP for BPL patients. And as donors increase in numbers, the assurance of plasma availability on doctor’s prescription without waiting or running around will be a great relief to them.

Plasma from this bank will be available to patients from corporate, private and government hospitals. There will be equitable access to all.

The success of the plasma bank initiative will be the participation of donors in this endeavour of Rotary to create a hassle-free and safe donation experience Rotarians by registering and to move from a COVID Survivor to be a COVID Saviour.

Rotary Challa Bloodgood Bank is a not for profit blood bank with component separation, apheresis and plasma phoresis facilities. The  Blood Bank Bank has been by the Rotary Club of Hyderabad Deccan set up to encourage voluntary blood donation in society and to provide blood products on a free of charge basis to poor patients in government hospitals, thalassaemias, and other people who cannot afford blood products whilst maintaining the sustainability of the blood bank.

The bank has processed and delivered over 40000 units of blood products in the last 5 years.

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