City’s 20 years old Maths Prodigy emerges as the fastest human calculator in the world, wins India’s first gold

Mr. Bhanu Prakash

Hyderabad, August 20, 2020…..Neelakanta Bhanu Prakash emerges as the fastest human calculator in the world. He is the first Indian to win the coveted title. He is the first Indian to achieve this.

Barely 20 years, this Hyderabad lad, a graduate in Maths from St. Stephen College Delhi, won the first-ever gold for India in the Mental Calculation World Championship at Mind Sports Olympiad in London this week.

A mathematical whiz kid from early childhood, since 5 years of age when he enrolled himself for SIP Abacus program, he honed his skills so much, that he has won several titles, broke records and set his sight on more challenging things in life. He completed 9 levels of Abacus, Grand Master program offered by SIP Academy. He went on to win the International Abacus Champion’13 and National Abacus Champion ’11 & ’12.

He fought with 30 participants from 13 countries such as UK, Germany, UAE, France, Greece, Lebanon and many other countries and reached the top in his very attempt itself.

The Telugus pride Bhanu, enjoys Public Speaking, Story Telling and Cricket beside his love for numbers and wants Mathematics to be a sport. He refers to how several countries have started defining Maths as an Art and not as Science.

The child is an art. But he develops a fear of maths because we have tested them too often on tasks we don’t mean anything to them. Playing with the number actually is fun. I want to bring back India its past glory to mathematics. India has some of the finest brains and faculty. We must help many excel more in mental arithmetic than what we have achieved so far.

I broke a record called the Fastest Human Calculator weed Record which was once held by the likes of Shakuntala Devi and Scott Flansburg. Scott is an American dubbed “The Human Calculator” and listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for speed of mental calculation. I want my records to be broken soon. I want to get challenged.

The Mind Sports Olympiad was first held in 1998. And the latest one was made virtual because of the prevailing restrictions. 30 Human Calculators from13 to 50 years competed. I was 65 points ahead of a Lebanese contender and a UAE in 3rd position.

Bhanu has won many laurels as a young Maths Whiz Kid. He completed the Grand Master program offered by SIP Academy and went on to explore several other schools of mathematical thought. He has 4 world records and 50 Limca Book of Records to his credit

Some of his World Records include “Fastest Human Calculation”, “Power Multiplication Record” and “The Super Subtraction Record”

He participated in Mental Calculation World Cup’14, Dresden, Germany. He won “Math Genius Award”- 2015; International Abacus Champion’13 and National Abacus Champion ’11 &’12.

Records come and go. I do not like personal pride. I want to build a community of Mathematicians, Human Calculators, he shares.

The Gold Medal I won is being shipped to my address, he added. More than a cash prize, what it matters is recognition. I am being included in Global Hall of Fame he shared.

My work is “Amplifying human brain’s efficiency using mathematics.”, he says.

Bhanu has his start-up ‘Exploring Infinities(EI)’ which is working with the Government of Telangana and through them kids studying in Government Schools. He has reached out and engaged 10,000 in the past couple of years.

I founded the start-up to boost up children’s cognitive development and to popularize mental arithmetic with novel games through workshops and courses in schools he informs.

Through EI, Bhanu and his team reached out to different educational institutions, trained them in speed and cognitive ability development by harnessing infinite potentials of the human brain through gamified learning modules on mobile apps. Bhanu has courses like, “Math Wizard” and “Turn on the computer in you” which makes children pick up unimaginable speeds in just a matter of months of structured brain training.

As the official math education partner of the government of Telangana and the T-SAT network, his company EI has created 700 hours of math content for classes 6 to 10. These lecture series are streamed live on the T-Sat Network. The mission of the project is to get them excited about arithmetic and mental math education, shares Bhanu

Bhanu’s Superhuman Abilities in doing complex mathematical calculations at unimaginable, amazing speed with 100% accuracy has earned him the nicknames “The Number Prodigy”, “The Next Ramajunan” and “The Fastest Human Calculator in the World.” His brain processes number 10 times faster than an average human brain and he says that calculations are brain exercises.

Bhanu is a 4 times TEDx Speaker, Founder and has been invited by various global institutions in 17 countries to share and teach “how to amplify human brain’s efficiency” where he shares his secrets and tools that he developed.

He has been helping students, corporates and entrepreneurs in mental ability training, harnessing infinite potentials of the human brain and mathematical thinking as a tool to increase the brain’s efficiency. He regularly holds workshops, seminars and training for corporates and students on parallel thinking, partitioning thought, analytical and critical thinking.

Bhanu is hugely inspired by the great Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan and other Ancient Indian Mathematical Geniuses. He is carrying their work forward by teaching and inspiring youth to harness their brain’s infinite potentials by using mathematics as a tool.

My vision is to Eradicate Math Phobia through our school interventions, student engagement and PR exercise, Improve Cognitive Abilities in students through arithmetic learning, Help students explore infinite capabilities of the human brain, Make Math FUN and Promote Brain Games as a Structured sport

My goal is to change the way Maths is taught. My aim is to produce mathematical geniuses from Government Schools in Telangana, Bhanu tells.

He appeals to the government to give importance to mental sports and aims to found the first brain training lab in the state.

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