Bharat’s first-ever nonpartisan platform will see a historic gathering of over 2,500 legislators this month

 NLC BharatNew Delhi, June: In a momentous milestone for our nation, the inaugural National Legislators’ Conference Bharat (NLC Bharat) is set to commence at the prestigious Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai from June 15-17. Today, during a press conference, three distinguished former Speakers of Lok Sabha, namely Dr. Meira Kumar, Smt. Sumitratai Mahajan, and Shri Shivraj Patil, along with Shri. Rahul Karad, Convenor of NLC Bharat, shared details of this historic nonpartisan platform. NLC Bharat will bring together over 2,500 Members of Legislative Assemblies (MLAs) and Members of Legislative Councils (MLCs) from diverse parties and regions across the country. Its primary objective is to foster meaningful discussions, enriching plenary sessions, and captivating cultural events, all aimed at fortifying Bharat’s legislative and democratic framework.

During the press conference, prominent Speakers from various Legislative Assemblies also came forward to address the audience. Among them was Shri. Satish Mahana, Speaker of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, Shri. Ram Niwas Goel, Speaker of the Delhi Legislative Assembly, Shri. Kultar Singh Sandhwan, Speaker of the Punjab Legislative Assembly, and Shri. Gian Chand Gupta, Speaker of the Haryana Legislative Assembly, Mr. Biman Banerjee, Speaker of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly. Their presence added significant value to the event, reflecting the widespread support and participation from different regions across the country.

“Under the guidance of esteemed custodians and former patrons and speakers of our Sabha, we have dedicated twelve months to meticulously organizing a conference in Bharat (India) that brings together MLAs and MLCs to foster mutual learning. The conference is specifically designed to address topics such as governance, elections, and the challenges associated with them. It is my belief that the tradition of convening such conferences should be upheld in the future as well, enabling discussions on development case studies, even in the midst of ongoing political competition within the country,” said Shri. Rahul Karad.

The three-day conference will feature parallel panel discussions covering ten key themes, including technology-driven economic growth, international legislative practices, and collaborative efforts between bureaucrats and legislators for social progress. Distinguished figures will preside over each session, attended by approximately 40 legislators. Additionally, the conference will serve as a platform for legislators from all states and union territories to share experiences, exchange knowledge on governance and social welfare, and adopt effective models for better governance. NLC Bharat will recognise and celebrate the accomplishments of legislators, promoting their exemplary practices and facilitating mutual learning. In commemoration of Bharat’s 75 years of independence, 75 MLAs will showcase commendable Constituency Development practices, while an additional 75 commendable Democratic Practices from around the world will also be highlighted. Furthermore, the conference will showcase an exhibition of replicable and impactful grassroots Social Innovations. Additionally, a round table discussion with spiritual leaders will also take place, providing valuable insights and perspectives.

“Significant efforts have been dedicated to ensure the success of this conference. We are resolute in our stance against casteism, communalism, corruption, climate change, criminalization, and the remnants of a colonial mindset. With a shared commitment to addressing these six critical challenges, the lawmakers, entrusted by the people, unite to fortify our nation and strive for its progress. It is of paramount importance to take proactive measures for global advancement while safeguarding our national borders,” said Dr. Meira Kumar. “Almost all members (of NLC Bharat) are affiliated with a political party or adhere to a specific ideology. Nevertheless, there should come a moment when we gather not to engage in self-congratulation or criticism, but rather to dedicate ourselves to the service of those who are marginalized and voiceless, advocating for their empowerment and upliftment.”

“This conference holds a distinctiveness as it serves as a platform for MLAs to convene, exchange ideas, and gain insights into challenges faced by other states, ultimately seeking solutions. The core focus lies on stress management, constituency development, and the overall progress of the nation. The Speakers’ enthusiastic participation adds to the optimism, instilling confidence in the success of this conference. Notably, the significant contribution of an educational institution (MIT-SOG) in leading this initiative stands as a pivotal factor,” said Smt. Sumitratai Mahajan.

NLC Bharat will also feature a variety of cultural and symbolic events. One such event is the Vidhayak Udayan, where MLAs and MLCs from across the country will bring soil and water representing their respective regions to create a symbolic garden. Another highlight is the lively ‘Ramp of Democracy’, an evening function hosted by the esteemed Ms. Usha Uthup, where MLAs and MLCs will proudly showcase traditional attire. These events will add vibrancy and cultural significance to the conference, fostering a sense of unity and celebration among the participants.

“The primary focus of this conference does not lie in examining the functioning of panchayats or district panchayats; that is not a topic of discussion here. The utmost significance of this conference is to direct our attention towards the policies formulated for the betterment of our nation and engage in fruitful discussions regarding their implementation and impact,” said Shri. Shivraj Patil. “It is imperative that we evaluate the present circumstances and devise appropriate measures to tackle the prevailing issues. It is crucial to consider perspectives from the past, present, and future while formulating our strategies. It is imperative to keep these diverse viewpoints in mind in order to make informed and comprehensive decisions.”

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