MGM Healthcare Chennai performs complex procedure on patient with Crohn’s Disease

MGM Healthcare Chennai performs complex procedure on patient with Crohn’s Disease

Chennai: MGM Healthcare, a multi-specialty quaternary care hospital in the heart of the city, today announced the completion of a complex procedure called Power Spiral Enteroscopy for a case of Small Intestinal Crohn’s Disease. In India, Small intestinal diseases (Crohn’s disease) were considered almost non-existent but in the last decade there have been a growing number of cases being reported in the country.

The complex procedure was done on a 39-year-old man who had approached the hospital with complaints of severe crampy pain and bloating of the stomach. The patient had a case history of Crohn’s Disease, a disease that can affect any part of the intestine, causing ulcers and narrowing of intestines and was diagnosed with it almost four years ago. The condition seemed to get better upon receiving medical treatment. However, given the recurring nature of disease, the pain returned severely as the ulcers in his small intestine increased. The patient also had difficulty in passing stools, had difficulty with his day-to-day activities and lost around 6 kg in 4 months.

Dr. Arulprakash S, Senior Consultant & Clinical Lead- Gastroenterology & Hepatology, MGM Healthcare shared his views about the case and said, “We knew this was a complicated case, given the nature of the disease as ulcers were forming in small intestines. The team had to briefly study the case, perform a combination of tests on the patient and find an optimal solution as small intestines are a dark continent and it is difficult to see or assess anything with the help of routine endoscopy. There is no single test to identify or diagnose small intestine problems. Power Spiral Enteroscopy, a novel endoscopic technique, was immediately performed on the patient and narrowed part of intestine was dilated. This new endoscopic technique helped us in avoiding a major surgical procedure that would have included removal of the affected part of the intestine. This special endoscope considerably reduced the procedure time and allowed us to have increased depth of insertion as compared to the existing technologies. At MGM healthcare, we always focus on finding solution to complex problems, and in this case too, our study helped to overcome the hurdles thus making it a successful surgery.”

Power Spiral Enteroscopy is the world’s First Motorized Enteroscope and an innovative solution to diagnose and treat small intestine diseases. It allows the physician to perform small bowel endoscopy with ease and in less time. It also provides an edge to experts with shorter examination time and simplify the technique with a single operator. It is a safe and effective procedure for diagnostic enteroscopy and facilitate advanced therapeutic interventions for patients.

The patient’s condition is stable and he is able to eat and drink without much difficulty. He is being further treated with medications to heal the ulcer and to prevent any such problems in the intestine in the future. We expect the patient to lead a normal life post the entire treatment.

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