Exalta launches oxygen concentrator for Commercial and Domestic use

Commericial oxygen concentrator

Commericial oxygen concentrator

A water-based pure oxygen concentrator, the mini ventilator provides 1 to 8 liters of oxygen per minute.

Since the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus over a year almost the major concern for people is respiratory illness due to decreasing oxygen levels. The unavailability of oxygen and beds has come up again. In a bid to help people tackle this concern, New Delhi-based Exalta has developed a portable mini ventilator with an inbuilt oxygen concentrator. A water-based pure oxygen concentrator, the mini ventilator provides 1 to 8 liters of oxygen per minute. All that one needs to do is put water inside the ventilator and rest it’ll process on its own.

It creates pure oxygen through the water like other oxygen concentrators found in the market based on Normal PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption). They consist of a Pressure exhaust mechanism that draws oxygen from normal air with a zeolite process. Zeolite is the process that purifies the air and removes other gases into a compressor.

An effective way to process oxygen through water, consumption of this air for 15 minutes, shows an increase in oxygen level, flow rate, P.I. (Perfusion Index) level, and other functions in the body. It also helps in treating health problems like Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, toxicity, among others.

Speaking about the launch Ashutosh Verma, Founder Exalta India, said, “This product works as an oxygen concentrator, compressed oxygen, and mini ventilator which is 100% made in India with no foreign components used. We’re calling it a Mini Ventilator because it can provide you with oxygen at the rate of positive pressure to the lungs which can act as a non-invasive- ventilator at your home. It’s portable, handy, and easy to carry. In the last three days, we have got more than 200 orders and also, we have started manufacturing oxygen concentrators for hospitals and nursing homes. The machines use Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology and come in 3 variants Viz 50 Ltrs, 100 Ltrs, and 200 Ltrs per minute. Our Oxygen Concentrators gives you not only cost-benefit but also the convenience of not depending on the vendors for the supply or filling of Oxygen Cylinders etc”

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